Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Message from Lisa on Meditation

We all have the ability to experience deeper peace, greater joy and flow in our lives and it is my mission to provide tools, classes and experiences that allow us to tap into greater well-being.


We are whole.
We are complete.
It is just a matter of remembering.



Slip into the moment.
Notice your breath.
Notice your body.
Notice how when you-
Let go of the story . . .
There is just this innocent moment.








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Discover the calm and peace that can guide you brilliantly through life.

Or get started in this very moment by simply being.

And know that at a deep level all is well.



Join me me at a Reiki Workshop

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Join me me at a Reiki Workshop

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Daily Motivations

Inspirations from Lisa:
“We are not here alone; we are here to support and share in each others journey. Give yourself the support that you need by nurturing your friendships, enlisting a counselor, hiring a coach, becoming part of a spiritual community, etc. There is no need to go it alone.”
by Lisa Guyman