Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Land of Expectation Versus the Land of What Is by Lisa Guyman

The Land of Expectation Vs. What Is – Newsletter/Blog by Lisa Guyman – August 2018 Thinking that life should conform to our internal picture of it creates stress and unhappiness. Life is as it is. That’s a fact. In this moment of your life is exactly as it is. The key to happiness is continually […]

Reiki I, II, Masters & Teacher’s Classes in Chicago, Illinois on December 28-30, 2018 with Lisa Guyman

Reiki I, II, Masters and Teachers Classes in Chicago, Illinois on December 28-30th, 2018 with Lisa Guyman, renowned Reiki Master/Teacher and Chopra Meditation Instructor. Testimonials – click here. Rare Opportunity to take Reiki Classes with Lisa Guyman, in Chicago, Illinois withLisa Guyman. Lisa isalso offering 2018 Reiki Training Workshops in Denver, Colorado, Birmingham, Michigan and Austin, Texas, If […]

Primordial Sound Meditation Workshop – Denver, Colorado – August 26th, 2018

Learn to Meditate in a Colorado Weekend Meditation Workshop Denver, Colorado Meditation Workshop in Colorado February 2, 2019   Rare Opportunity to take Primordial Sound Meditation Classes with Lisa Guyman, Chopra Meditation Instructor and Reiki Master in Denver, Colorado.  Learn to meditate easily and successfully. Experience more calm, clarity and happiness and greater well-being. This is the location […]

Teacher Training for Primordial Sound Meditation

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In 2004 I became an instructor in Primordial Sound Meditation through The Chopra Center. I’ve instructed hundreds of students in the practice of Primordial Sound Meditation. The Chopra Center has a very thorough meditation teaching training program. You can teach meditation, too. And in becoming a teacher of meditation you, yourself, will deepen your own […]

Primordial Sound Meditation Course Videos

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Congratulations for enrolling in the Primordial Sound Meditation Workshop! Introduction to Course Introduction from lisaguyman on Vimeo. Practical Aspects from lisaguyman on Vimeo. Personal Instruction from lisaguyman on Vimeo. Technology for Meditation Instructionlisaguyman on Vimeo.    

Spring – A Surprising Time of Inertia

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Typically we think of Spring as a time of great energy and newness, yet in the Ayurvedic* perspective it can also be a time fraught with heaviness and sluggishness. It’s similar to how groggy we can feel when we wake up after a very deep night of sleep or nap (winter). Because of the inherent […]

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