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Reiki Principles for Daily Life

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One of the things I love about a New Year is that it feels like a New Beginning. And it is. The hustle and bustle of the holidays is behind us. And it’s a time of thinking about what we want to create or focus on in the New Year. Yet our LIFE is made […]

What are you Orienting your Life Around? The Soul or the Ego?

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Charting our Course – Orienting to the Soul or Ego? A student shared the words “CHOOSE FREEDOM” with me. These words rang true as a theme in my life and as a message to my soul. We can choose by default, by conditioning, by the past, by fear, by obligation, by limitation (all aspects of […]

A Personal Update – Mom, Caregiving & Life

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In June 2016, my Mom started having more medical visits: ER visits, doctor visits and tests.Two months later a doctor somberly told us that she had terminal stage 4 cancer and that treatment wasn’t an option. It’s been a roller coaster and at other times quite ordinary.We are in good spirits overall. My Mom, 88 […]

The Underlying NOW – A Sanctuary from Stress

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Sanctuary from Stress – The Cycle of Change & the Underlying NOW It’s been a while since I’ve written to you in.To say that this has been a poignant and rigorous 15 months for me would be an understatement (see the prior month’s article for my personal update). In April, I wrote about the cyclical […]

The Reiki Principles

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What are the Reiki principles and where did they come from? Some sources state that the principles were created by Dr. Usui others state that they were created by the Emperor of Japan.  Either way, Dr. Usui was said to have recited these principles on a daily basis. There are various versions of the Reiki […]

Remember Your Spiritual Essence in the Midst of To Do’s

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Remember your spiritual infinite essence, the vastness of your soul. Don’t lose light.  Don’t lose sight.   Then dive in  . . . but keep reflecting back to that larger sense of yourself. Are much greater things in your future? Maybe they look like accomplishments, maybe like travel, maybe influence, maybe laying in the grass and […]

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