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Reiki I, II, Masters & Teacher’s Classes

Opportunities to Learn Reiki with Lisa Guyman in Colorado, New Jersey, Texas and Michigan.

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dreamstime_10869729cropUpcoming 2018 Reiki Workshops

January 26-28 Denver, CO – Sold Out

March 23-25 – Bergen County, NJ  Register Now – Still Space

April 13-15 – Birmingham, MI  Register Now- Still Space

April 27-29 – Denver, CO  Register Now – Still Space

May 18-20 – Austin, TX  Register Now – Still Space

July 20-22 – Denver, CO Register Now- Still Space

August 4-6 – Birmingham, MI  Register Now- Still Space

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Read Reviews/Testimonials from Lisa’s Reiki Students by clicking here.

Your teacher, Lisa Guyman, has taught Reiki for 18 years and has initiated over 1500 students to the wonderful healing energy of Reiki and loves sharing Reiki with others.  She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals, a Chopra Meditation Instructor (Primordial Sound Meditation – Upcoming Classes), Yoga Nidra Instructor, author and hypnotherapist.  She has presented at Wanderlust Yoga Festival, at corporate events and at conventions. Learn more about Lisa Guyman at her bio or  resume page.

Click here for Reiki Stories from Lisa’s experiences and the experiences of her students or here for Testimonials from Lisa’s Students.

Take all of this Reiki Intensive with Lisa Guyman or begin with Reiki I/II or complete your Reiki Training with the Masters and Teacher’s Levels.


Reiki Class Schedule – 

      • Reiki I & II Workshop
        Friday  6:00pm – 10:00pm
        Saturday  9:30am-7:00pm
      • Reiki Masters Workshop
        Sunday 2:00pm – 7:00pm
      • Reiki Teachers Workshop
        Sunday: 7:30pm-10:00pm

 “Life Changing”  “Profound”  “Amazing”  “Transforming”  “Powerful” 


Learn more about what is covered in each level here:  Reiki I, II, Master’s and Teacher’s course content overview or see note below to decide which levels to take or call Lisa Guyman at (720) 683-0444  with any questions.

Reiki Unikeep front square NEW-7BThe Journey Through Reiki CDs:   Your Reiki Teacher, Lisa Guyman, is the author of “Journey through Reiki:  Complete Treatments, Principles, Instruction & Music” – 5 CD set – 5 hours and 20 minutes of Reiki.  This CD set is amazingly supportive for your practice.  It includes:  three guided Reiki self-treatments, three guided treatments for practicing Reiki on others, an entire hour of music designed for Reiki and meditation, essential healing principles and more. Exclusive student only pricing in class for the Journey Through Reiki CDs.  

Reiki Workshop Pricing – Take All Levels or Just a Level or Two

  • Reiki I and Reiki II Training:  $475.
  • Reiki I, II & Reiki Master Training:  $675.
  • Reiki I, II, Masters & Teachers Workshops – Entire Weekend Training:  $975.
  • Masters & Teachers Training:  $775.  See requirement in Master’s level.
  • Masters Training only: $350.  Note: to take the Masters with Lisa Guyman requires previous in-person 10-12 hour Reiki I and II workshop with Lisa Guyman or another Teacher.
  • Teachers Training only:  $475.   The Teacher’s level requires taking at least one other level with Lisa.  Teacher’s trained by Lisa Guyman are able to purchase Lisa’s class manuals for use in their workshops.
Read Reviews/Testimonials from Lisa’s Reiki Students.

Lisa’s classes do sell out- class size limited – register early! Register here or call (720) 683-0444 to register.

Register for Reiki Workshops here:

Learn Reiki with Lisa Guyman. Her classes sell out so register early!  To view Details and Class Times click here or for Content by Reiki Class Level - click here.  Reserve your place with a $200 deposit below or call  (720) 683-0444 to register by phone.   


  • Reiki I & Reiki II Class: $475.
  • Reiki I, II & Masters Training: $675.
  • Entire weekend – Reiki I, II, Masters, & Teachers: $975.
  • Masters Training only: $350. To take Masters with Lisa requires previous in-person 10-12 hour Reiki I and II course with Lisa or another Teacher.
  • Masters & Teachers Training:  $775. See requirement in Master's level.
  • Teachers Training only: $475. The Teacher's level requires taking at least one other level with Lisa.


  • Reiki I & II: Fri. 6:00pm-10:00pm & Sat. 9:30am-7:00pm.
  • Reiki Masters: Sunday 2:00pm-7:00pm.
  • Reiki Teachers: Sunday 7:30pm-10:00pm.

Register Early to Guarantee a Space!

Registration/payment/cancellation/refund policy.

Register now -  Select all options including dates and levels by clicking in right side of drop-down box and then click the icon placeholder to "add to cart. " Be sure to fill out every line item that includes an * asterisk.

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Join Lisa Guyman in a Reiki Workshop!

Join Lisa Guyman in a Reiki Workshop!

What Levels Can I Take?

You can take all the Reiki Levels in one weekend or you can choose to take some time between levels.  Some out-of-state students or those catching me on my tour and others feeling ‘called’  – and find that taking the entire weekend intensive suits them perfectly.  Reiki I and Reiki II are perfect taken together (and that’s why they are just offered in that way).   The Reiki Masters and Teachers classes are perfect taken together, however some students feel drawn to take all levels in one weekend.  The integration of the levels takes time and practice and that’s why each student who takes my classes gets a substantial discount to purchase my 5 CD Journey Through Reiki compilation and Reiki manuals for each level – the manuals and audios support the integration and practice of Reiki.

Comments/Testimonials from Students at Lisa’s Reiki Workshops: 

“Thank you for an amazing weekend. Truly life-changing. I definitely experienced a deep emotional shift that my patrons with advanced dementia noticed immediately! I had a major energy shift and they could definitely tell I was truly open, calm, happy person and it makes them feel safe. I am very excited to see where this may lead.” Marie – (Denver, Colorado)  January 2018 

“It was my pleasure to learn Reiki from you. I am forever changed. Looking forward to evolving even more and hopefully, maybe… a meditation class is in my future.” Brandy  – January 2018

“I really appreciate meeting you and am so grateful that I took your Reiki class.  I am still processing what I learned and what I’m feeling.  I have begun practicing Reiki on friends family.  I plan to keep going and have decided to offer Reiki in our shop once it opens.  I can truly say you and your class have helped me move toward my next adventure with more confidence and faith.” James – (Birmingham, Michigan )January 2018

“I enjoyed your class immensely and believe I went through withdrawals on Monday after spending a weekend immersed in Reiki.   I’ve had a chance to go through the manuals and you did an excellent job capturing the details of your class.  I was impressed how closely your presentations mirrored the manuals.  The universe must have guided me to your class because your style of teaching along with the step-by-step in the manuals works best for me.” Teresa (California) February 2018.

“My experience over the 4 day workshop with Lisa was awesome!  It was quite intense, yet, profoundly healing and informative.  Lisa’s meditations before the attunements were incredible.  Lisa’s supportive and accepting demeanor in class was so appreciated.  Lisa made it very comfortable to share information and ask questions.  I have taken Reiki I and II 4 times and this was the most rewarding Reiki workshop I have had the honor to attend.  Thank you so much, Lisa!”    Linda  (Ann Arbor, Michigan).    August 2014.

Reiki never fails to amaze me and fill me with a peace I can not explain to anyone!” – emailed a couple weeks after my class Mary – (Troy, Michigan).  November 2015

“I can’t thank you enough for the eye-opening, profound, spiritual weekend you provided. I am a changed person!  I am so looking forward to my new life! I’ve already had some awesome experiences just in the last 2 days since class. Thank you, thank you for you kind, humble, loving teaching! You have made a huge impact on me!”  Tonya – (Denver, Colorado) May 2016.

“I wanted to take some time and express gratitude for the wonderful Reiki class I attended.  I just really appreciate your spirit and am very blessed that you love to teach the class.  I know on a personal level it has really changed my life and I’m can only guess how many others it has changed.  Much growth has occurred for me and I thank you for your part.”  Debbie  (Aurora, Colorado).

“Lisa is very gentle, passionate, and present. She offers an intimate and engaging experience in her Reiki workshop, through guided meditations, intuition-building exercises, and hands-on practice with other students. Lisa’s workshop was energizing, intriguing, and relaxing, and the weekend provided me with a deeper understanding of Reiki.”  –Bryan Clark, Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie – 2016.

“I just wanted to thank you one more time for teaching the Reiki. It has made a tremendous difference in my life.”  Paula (- Denver).

“A year ago in April 2013 I took your course, a  nd can honestly say it profoundly affected my life.  The best way I can describe it is an awakening of my spirit, an uplifting of my soul and an awareness that I am so much more that I ever imagined.  Thank you for being a part of my life path, I consider you an invaluable guide in my journey.”  Genevieve Wolfgram  (Michigan)

A Reiki Master/Teacher Student on Teaching Reiki after my Training:  “It was AMAZING!   I feel so blessed to be able to share what I have learned and experienced over the years.  Your manuals are so wonderful.  I got out all of my manuals from taking so many Level Ones over the years and your manuals are exactly what the Reiki world needs.” — Cindy (Ohio).


“I enrolled in this workshop because I wanted to learn Reiki ….and I learned to love myself. ”  Said in tears in 2016 class – (Beth Ann – Detroit, Michigan) ” 2016

“I truly enjoyed taking your Reiki classes.   I feel a change in my sensitivity and have had an opportunity to work with my family and friends since the workshop.  The feedback I’ve received is that there is a ‘big’ difference in my energy work.  I personally feel much more energy in my palms and fingertips and have even experienced an easier time entering and maintaining stillness.   You are an excellent role model and teacher — grounded, centered, and kind with a no-drama demeanor.   Thanks for a great workshop experience and opening to Reiki.” —- Vicki, M.D. – (Colorado).

“After receiving my Masters attunement from Lisa I found that the amount of energy that I could channel was greatly increased and the tools learned in the class along with free form Reiki techniques gave me additional tools that I can use in my Reiki practice. This class is a must take for anyone who plans to see clients for Reiki treatments! Thank you Lisa for your knowledge and awesome teaching skills.”  Bill E. (Michigan).

“Thank you so much for such an amazing weekend Reiki workshop experience.  As I said Monday, it far surpassed my expectations.  I appreciate how honest and present you are in the classes- it is evident that you are full of love and  truly care about those you are teaching.  Anyone would be blessed to have you teach them Reiki.”  (K.C. – Colorado).

“I really appreciate your approach to teaching (and life!)  You seem to make the knowledge just slide into place and settle gently around the soul.”  (Connie – Colorado).

“I think it’s such a gift that while healing others I will be able to heal myself.  Funny how that really wasn’t even my intention, but it worked out perfectly because I feel I really needed this.  I KNOW my spirit has brought me on this path and I am very thankful I was lead to you!”   (Crystal Chavez- Colorado).

“I wanted to thank you so much for your classes.  I have already been using Reiki on my homebound patients, and I am amazed. I am so new to Reiki that I thought it would be awkward, but I have offered it to all my patients. and even though I only seem to fit 5-10, or 15 minutes during my treatment time, they seem to feel the energy, heat and sometimes even colors  I am still amazed.  Guess i will start writing it down.  I am so glad that I bought the CDs, too!  You have the most Soothing voice I have ever heard!!!  Thank you.”  (M.B. – Michigan).

“Thank you for teaching me the next level in Reiki because it has been guiding me in new and happier ways in my life.”  (Jason – Longmont).

Read More Reviews/Testimonials from Lisa’s Students by clicking here.

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International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP)
Upon completing Lisa Guyman’s classes students receive a completion Certificate and become eligible to register with the Internation Association of Reiki Professionals, IARP.  Membership information can be found on the IARP website. You can use her membership code LG562 to receive a discount!  Joining as a member will allow you to add a profile to their website.  Additionally through them you can learn about and be eligible for purchasing liability insurance.



Class Location Information:

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Class Payment & Deposit Policy:   Class deposits may be transferred to future classes within one year. Class deposits are non-refundable.   The balance of the class payment is due one week prior to the course. To read the full class payment/cancellation policy click here.  Register online or call (720) 683-0444 to register by phone.

Re-taking a Class: If you have taken a Reiki level with me in the past take you can take 20% off current class rates.  If you took a Reiki class with another instructor and are re-taking it with me then the full rates apply.



Reiki and Guided Meditation CDs by Lisa Guyman Lisa Guyman meditation and Reiki CDs 
Special In-Class Guided Meditation Promotion
Reiki Students have the opportunity to purchase Lisa Guyman’s  Journey into Meditation CDs at the workshop for a special in-class price.   Purchase or Download at Amazon, iTunes or CDBaby.


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