Sunday, February 25, 2018

Private Meditation Instruction

During this course, Lisa Guyman will guide you through all aspects of Primordial Sound Meditation Class. Lisa will teach you the mantra or sound that has been selected specifically for you and will show you how to effortlessly integrate meditation into your daily routine so you can start reaping benefits.

private meditation instruction, learn to meditate, denver meditation, colorado meditationBenefits of Private Instruction:
All the fundamentals of Primordial Sound Meditation are covered, but the focus of course is tailored to your interests i.e. practical benefits of meditation, research and scientific exploration, and/or a deeper exploration of spirituality and higher states of consciousness.

Flexible scheduling:
Private instruction takes 6-8 hours (scheduled in two-three 2+-hour meetings).

Who Opts for One-on-One (private group) Instruction?

  • Very experienced meditation practitioners.
  • Those that are entirely new to meditation (though the regular classes are designed to cover everything and to be perfectly suited to those new to meditation
  • Those that have a busy schedule who want to schedule an evening, daytime or weekend course or for those who want a shorter, more focused class
  • Friends that want to just share the experience with one another.

What materials are included?

  • Your Primordial Sound Mantra – calculated for you by The Chopra Center according to your time and place of birth.
  • The Chopra Center’s “Guide for New Meditators”
  • A practice meditation CD with Deepak Chopra guiding you into the practice of the Primordial Sound Meditation.

Learn more about meditation before you enroll by calling Lisa at (720) 683-0444 

Private Course Investment $2495  (includes Chopra Center materials fees).

One-four participants included in the above course tuition.

The course includes The Chopra Center’s materials: mantra, guide for new meditators, and practice CD.

Prefer to Learn Meditation in One of Lisa’s Regularly Scheduled Classes?

Lisa Guyman teaches in Primordial Sound Meditation in Denver, Colorado and in Metro Detroit, Michigan.  Click here for course information and to reserve your seat in an upcoming course.


Lisa Guyman meditation and Reiki CDs

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