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Unleash your Potential and Transform your Life with Michael Mapes Workshop – May 18, 2013 Denver

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Namaste Friends,

I’ve become acquainted with Michael Mapes, renowned intuitive coach!  He is offering his seminar Conquering Consciousness in Denver on May 18.  Rare opportunity….

The questions he has you ask yourself when thinking about this seminar are

Do you feel like you should be doing more?

Wonder about your life’s purpose?

Feel like something is missing?

It may be because you have become disconnected from your own inner wisdom your our own inner truth.

Michael’s workshop is  called “Conquering Consciousness: Unleash & Discover Your Soul Wisdom” And it’s coming to Denver on May 18th.

In this amazing workshop you’ll

=> Learn from 3 teachers
=> Connect with your soul’s purpose
=> Discover practical techniques to unleash your intuition
=> Leave with a personalized transformation action plan
=> Attend a powerful keynote by Michael called “The Keys to Rapid Transformation”
=> And so much more

To register follow this link:   Learn more and register for Conquering Consciousness Here
If you register now via the link above you will also get several bonus items including downloadable eBooks, guided meditations, and discounts on other offers, valued at over $700.00!

Register here and take a major step toward positively transforming your life. please pass this along to anyone who could benefit from learning how to listen to, and trust, their own intuition. 

P.S. Make sure to pass thing along to anyone that could benefit from this workshop, and help spread the word. But make sure to reserve your spot first at Learn more and register here


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