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Reiki Appointments


Reiki is an amazingly relaxing and centering hands-on energy relaxation technique! With profound relaxation there are a variety of benefits and experiences including: insight and clarity, peace and calm, feeling grounded and refreshed, a lightening of stress and worry, an overall sense of relief, emotional release and levity.

I’ll be offering Reiki treatments again soon! To be eligible you need to be a current or prior student of mine (i.e. Reiki or Primordial Sound Meditation student).

If you haven’t taken a class with me, feel free to contact me for a referral.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that supports mind/body balance. Reiki was discovered in the 1920s by Mikao Usui.

Reiki can be received in-person (hands-on or without any contact) or remote (long-distance from across the city or the globe).

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “Universal” or “Spiritually Guided” and Ki which is “life force energy”.

For in-person Reiki treatments – Denver, Colorado is the location!

For remote Reiki treatments – Receive Reiki from the comfort of your home!


“My mind is always racing and I have experienced a lot anxiety in my life.  I was very surprised by my Reiki experience with Lisa.  It’s hard for me to relax so it felt a little scary to be feeling so relaxed so quickly.  Then I just let go.  It was the most relaxed I’ve ever felt in my life.  Everything she said after the session was “right on” with what I was feeling.  I liked it so much that I’ve decided I want to learn Reiki with Lisa.”  -Reiki Session – Mindy – Denver, CO.

“Lisa  has “the gift” we all seek when we think of healing. But it’s not just her therapeutic touch and calming voice. I have been wandering through the wilderness of wellness for 40 years and Lisa epitomizes something I’ve rarely found – authenticity. There is no doubting her sincere desire, or her ability to heal. But her willingness to be who she is immediately opens up the bond of trust that is a must for the success of any true healing relationship. A powerful, nurturing and cleansing experience unlike any other I’ve had.  A rare find indeed.”  -Charlie – Aurora, CO.

“I’ve been coming to Lisa every month for 12 years. My first session left me dazed. I didn’t know I could be that relaxed. Instead of rushing back to work I found myself sitting on a park bench in awe. Over time the experience of Reiki has deepened and Reiki takes me to a whole new level of being. After my Reiki appointments I’m imbued with a sense of peacefulness and joy that spills out into my life and into my massage therapy practice. ” Calvin – Denver, CO.

“I have been coming to Lisa for Reiki for 5 years. Before I found her I had tried numerous Reiki practitioners and Masters, but as soon as I had a session with Lisa I knew I’d keep coming back.  Some of the other practitioners had stronger energy, but Lisa had the clearest energy.”  John – Denver, CO.

One of my first time clients came to me feeling very stressed and down. Halfway through the Reiki session she said “wow, Reiki is so amazing. I already feel better” She said she drove home that day and found herself laughing along the way. She has since taken a Reiki class with me.” Jennifer – Littleton, CO.

Reiki Treatments 

To be schedule a remote appointment or be notified
when local (i.e. Denver Appointments are available)  contact Lisa

Reiki Appointment Options

  • Allow up to an hour total session time for a 50-minute Reiki treatment. $150.

We’d spend several minutes checking-in and then you’ll receive your Reiki treatment (50 minutes).

After the treatment we’ll check in again and I’ll give recommendations for next steps.

Request an appointment via Email or by calling 720-683-0444.

Reiki Appointments

Reiki appointments with Lisa Guyman.

You can pay at the appointment or take care of payment ahead of your Reiki treatment.

For information Reiki appointments- click here.

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Disclaimer/Clarification: Reiki and meditation are not substitutes for medical care, medical treatment, counseling or therapy. In Reiki and meditation there isn’t any diagnosis, nor recommendations for care, nor prescribing. Reiki and meditation do not treat medical or psychological concerns. It’s important to seek a medical professional for medical concerns and a counseling professional for psychological concerns. Reiki and meditation do support the bodies/minds own innate healing mechanisms.

Interested in learning about my Reiki classes?

Want to know what is covered in each level of my Reiki classes?