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Corporate Meditation

Hire Lisa to Train or Guide Your Organization in Meditation


Corporate Meditation

In-Person or Virtual

Lisa Guyman is a inspirational educator available in-person and online to lead and guide meditation experiences. Her passion is educating people about the tremendous benefits available to them through meditation.

Your employees through Lisa’s meditation expertise can quickly experience the benefits of meditation and learn how to bring quiet, calm and focus into the present moment and into their lives.

Enhanced well-being, productivity, creativity, job performance, company morale and personal growth are some of the benefits of meditation.

Corporate Meditation with Lisa Guyman

Denver Convention Talk on Meditation


Classic & Guided Meditation 

About Classic Meditation

As a certified Chopra Center Instructor Lisa Guyman offers Primordial Sound Meditation which is a classic form of meditation systematized by Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Simon. Primoridial Sound Meditation is a silent mantra-based technique.

Once an individual has learned a classic form of meditation they can meditate on their own anytime or anywhere.


About Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is an term that includes many forms of meditation practice. The key is that listeners are guided step-by-step into a deeper state of relaxation.

Lisa Guyman offerers on-site guided meditations and is an expert at both leading guided meditation and facilitating Primordial Sound Meditation trainings.



Primordial Sound Meditation with Lisa Guyman

Lisa Guyman Instructs Meditation Class at College for Creative Studies in Detroit


“You have a powerful presence and are a natural.” A comment made after a presentation to 60 people at a wellness luncheon sponsored by a local hospital. Stephanie, Boulder M.D.

“Your presentation was my favorite at the World Wellness Weekend. It seemed that every word was intentional and even your silence was intentional. And there was just so much positive energy in the room (presentation to over 160 people)”  Laura – Nutritional Consulting Manager

”I wanted to thank you for the information you gave to us at our meeting. I enjoyed your knowledge immensely.” Lyn – Spa Consultant

“I loved your classes and feel that you are an inspired and inspiring teacher.” Carol – Professor and psychoherapist.

Your workshop at our Association’s Meeting (30 participants) changed the dynamic of the group.  For some time there has been conflict and tension among the members and after you presented something dramatically shift.” Paula

“We had planned on attending another event at Wanderlust Yoga Festival at Copper Mountain and found ourselves in your Healing, Insight and Renewal Guided Meditation workshop. When we (Moby and myself) realized we were in the wrong class we decided it was too late to make it to the other event.  What happened in your workshop was so profound and healing that we skipped the next event and instead hiked up the mountain a short ways to sit in nature and talk/process what had transpired.  It was incredibly powerful.  And we returned to your event a second time.  I wanted you to know that because with only 4 events to pick from each day over the 4 days to repeat an event is significant.” Tracy

“Lisa is highly trained instructor in Primordial Sound Meditation by Deepak Chopra. She is a beautiful shining light that is upbeat and positive and makes everyone welcome radiating the oneness that is all of us. I recommend her as an instructor and believe her classes an asset to any yoga studio wishing to have a great guest teacher for meditation instruction. I can not say enough about her professional qualifications, let alone her deep personable knowledge and self.”  Jennifer – Monk Yoga – from Linked In.

About your Corporate Meditation Speaker/Trainer

Lisa Guyman began started meditating at age 16, attended Lisa GuymanMaharishi International University at the age of 19, and is trained and certified as a meditation and yoga instructor through Deepak Chopra, M.D. and the Chopra Center. She has a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Michigan. She worked seven years in corporate human resources and started her own business in 1997. She is the author of “Journey into Meditation: A Roadmap to Healing and Wholeness” and has also produced highly acclaimed guided meditation CDs.

There is a plethora of scientific research that has been conducted on meditation and the impact it makes on quality of life. Meditation is not meant to be hard and it doesn’t require particular postures nor does it require making the mind blank.

Contact Lisa at (720) 683-0444 or by email to speak with her about a workshop for your corporation or business.

Facilitation Style

Lisa Guyman is a master facilitator and creates a profound experience for her audiences and makes meditation accessible and practical for the beginner and helps the experienced meditator take their practice to another level.


Lisa Guyman leads meditation at Wanderlust in Copper Mountain


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