Monday, November 19, 2018


You are a beautiful soul. At the deepest level you are whole and complete. Stress in life tends to weigh us down and dim that brilliant light within. As a personal consultant I’m highly intuitive and ultra present and can help you find a greater place of ease, trust and happiness.  Take a class with me or work with me one-on-one.

chopra meditation class

Work with Me . . .

  • Heighten your awareness and attune to your beautiful Soul
  • Shift your awareness from limitation to possibility.
  • Evoke a sense of at the deepest level that “all is truly well” and lighten up stressful stories.
  • Connect with your inner wisdom and trust in the journey and magic unfolding of life.

Schedule a Reiki or Meditation Session or Personal Consulting Appointment . . .

Discover the peace within this present moment and ways to access your center in daily life. Illuminate your beautiful soul. Awaken your inner power and experience greater happiness and joy in life. If you are at a place in your life where you are ready for change or at a place where you are struggling or want to access a sense of peace, trust and calm then it is the perfect time to schedule a session with me.

Appointments In-Person in Rochester, Michigan

  • Reiki/Consulting Session – $150.

  • Request an appointment via Email or by calling me at 720-683-0444. Please specify several times and dates you are interested in. Typically it takes 2-3 weeks to get in to see me….however if I can accommodate you sooner I’m happy to.

  • If you prefer to meet over the phone that is an option, too! 

Appointment Payments


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Tips for Appointments

  • For appointments a deposit of $75 is required. If you need to cancel your appointment you’ll receive a refund of your deposit with 24 hours notification.

  • Office location: Updog Yoga in the Downtown Healing Union,  210 W. University, Rochester, Michigan 48307.

  • Allow a full hour for your appointment.

Request an appointment via Email or by calling me at 720-683-0444. In your email or on your voicemail message please specify several dates and time ranges that would work for you! 


Disclaimer/Clarification: Reiki and meditation are not substitutes for medical care, medical treatment, counseling or therapy. In Reiki and meditation there isn’t any diagnosis, nor recommendations for care, nor prescribing. Reiki and meditation do not treat medical or psychological concerns. It’s important to seek a medical professional for medical concerns and a counseling professional for psychological concerns. Reiki and meditation do support the bodies/minds own innate healing mechanisms.