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A Journey of 1270 Miles Begins Shortly . . .

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Moving Across the Country – the Ultimate De-Cluttering Process

A Journey of 1270 Miles Begins Shortly…..by Lisa Guyman

Newsletter January 2016

I’m moving across the country (well almost) officially at the end of January though my “move” will take a couple months!  I’m moving back “home.”  I’ve been in Denver for 18 years (it would have been 19 years in April).



Do you pay attention to synchronicity? To me it’s both evidence and guidance that we are moving in the right direction.

Things have been incredibly synchronous and “alive’ for me in Michigan. It’s as if the Universe knew before I did that this move was in order. A current came into my life and swept me into a fast moving and powerful river of change. And yet the reason for moving back is that my Mom is now 87 and needs a lot of TLC and I’d like to be there for her in whatever way I can.

Back a few months ago I invited a friend of mine to housesit for me in Denver before his move to Portland. I figured I’d be in Michigan for a few months prepping my Mom’s house for sale. Little did either of us know at that time that I was the one moving and he was the one staying in Denver.

Letting Go of Stuff

Instead of moving my possessions across the country I decided to sell 95% of my stuff. Loading my car, a roof rack, and transporting some luggage and that’s it. I’m embracing the amazingly exciting possibilities in the present.

I got back to Denver December 29th (a day after closing on my Mom’s house) and began the process of selling and donating my stuff. It’s an interesting process of seeing most of my stuff go. And liberating, too. I lived quite happily in Michigan for six months with two suitcases of clothing and a couple books. I didn’t feel deprived of “me” or lost without my stuff. Have you ever noticed on vacation you feel free? more you? without all of your stuff?

Back in Denver it’s about freeing up my attachment to my stuff, letting go and clearing and making space in my consciousness. When the time comes I’ll pack my car, ship some books and take some luggage with and that is it. There is part of me that loves the idea of traveling and living light.

One of the guidelines for packing (or mostly non-packing) is to pile everything of one single category (like books, clothing, mementos) in one pile and keep only items that spark JOY. If an item isn’t something that sparks joy or that you use/need then give it away. Okay I better wrap this article up and get busy!

A Synchronicity in Finding a Place to Live

I’ve rented a furnished flat close to downtown Rochester in a suburb of Detroit. I saw this brand new flat (in a historic building) on Air BNB, but it was 50% more than I wanted to pay. So I filed it away in my mind.

Weeks earlier I posted an ad on Craigslist saying that I was looking for a furnished apartment in downtown Rochester or Birmingham. I wanted to be in a walkable location.

One day as my brother and I were finally clearing out my Mom’s basement and putting finishing touches on the house (it took about 14 solid weeks) I started picturing this particular flat in my mind. Thinking about how much I liked it and that I wanted to live there.

And simultaneously the owner of that flat found my old Craigslist ad (published weeks earlier) and contacted me and offered me the price I was looking for!!!! Synchronicity was at work. So that is where I’ll “land” for however long.

In what way is your life guiding you?

Is it to let go of some former version of yourself?

What does your heart and soul want YOU to open to?

Look at the clues in your life. Sometimes it’s an external shift (a new job, a move, a new relationship, a clearing of clutter) and sometimes it’s just an internal makeover (freedom from worry and constriction, a softening and a letting go, or allowing yourself to experience the great love and contentment in this moment just as it is.).

Wishing you the inner and outer changes to support your soul’s amazing journey…allowing you to radiate the amazing light and love that you are.

Oh and by the way we got four offers on my Mom’s house and we sold above asking price in just three days!


Denver Archives

A picture from April 1997 when I landed in my apartment.  Still was waiting for the furniture to arrive!

lisa guyman

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