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“A Journey of Love isn’t a Journey at All” by Lisa Guyman

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A Journey of Love isn’t a Journey at All – It is this Moment 

Love isn’t outside of you.

It’s not even within you.

It’s who you truly are. It’s your divine essence.

Any feeling of lack or loneliness or anger or judgment is just an indication that we aren’t in full remembrance of who we truly are – yet.

There is nothing lacking. There isn’t anything to be healed. There isn’t anything to be fixed. There isn’t a somewhere to get to.

At the deepest level you are whole and complete. There is no separation. 

There is just you and me.

And there is no you or me.

So let us not be in a hurry to get past this moment to the next moment.

Let us break the habit of being barely present with one another, of overlooking this moment, of overlooking this stranger, of overlooking this ever so familiar person in front of us.

Let us be free from comparison, from worry, from futurizing, from thinking our lives should be any different at this very moment.

Let us revel in our divine nature. And revel in the divine nature of each we encounter. Let us remember. Let us help others remember.

Let us laugh, let us pray. Be love this Valentine’s day.


May you be surrounded by love and light!


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