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About Lisa Guyman’s Journey with Reiki

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I was recently on the Global Reiki Network and they asked me to write up a bio about my journey with Reiki…so here goes:

I’ve been teaching and practicing Reiki for over 22 years.  I’ve taught over 1500 students and I continue to be amazed at the transformative power of Reiki.  It’s a sacred healing art.  I feel blessed to share Reiki with others because it is so amazing!

As one of my colleagues says:   “Reiki is real.  It’s safe.  And it works.”

When I took my first Reiki course in 1997 I wasn’t sure if I felt anything.  In the meditations and Reiki attunements I felt relaxed, but I didn’t experience anything that I would call mystical or metaphysical.  I didn’t feel a whole lot in giving or receiving Reiki over the course of the workshop, but I trusted that it was real.

Several days after the workshop, a new massage client scheduled with me.  While she was writing me a check in the reception area I said “I’ll also be offering Reiki treatments.”  I was stunned when she requested a session right then and there, but she did!  I reluctantly agreed while explaining to her that I just had completed my workshop on the weekend and I didn’t know what I was doing yet.  I was relieved that I had my Reiki manual in the treatment room.  I glanced at it from time to time over the course of her one-hour Reiki treatment.

This client scheduled another Reiki and Massage session and came  to me every other week  for the next two years for a two-hour Reiki and massage session!

When I worked on Jennifer, my first Reiki client, I didn’t have any experience! I was a brand new practitioner.   I didn’t really know what I was doing and yet she loved it!  This is why I share with my students how important to do the work (i.e. to do Reiki self-treatments and to give Reiki treatments to others) because with experience confidence and trust in the process will naturally grow.

My experiences as a Reiki practitioner inspired me to continue my education in Reiki.  I took the Reiki Teacher’s class eight months later and began teaching Reiki to others.  It’s been an amazingly rewarding journey!

My focus as a teacher has always been to create a supportive, interactive and fun environment for students to learn Reiki.  To me it’s much more than conveying knowledge and information — it’s about creating the space for students to have an richly rewarding and enlightening experience.

I also teach meditation and believe that meditation is truly the foundation for all spiritual work, for all energy or healing work.  My meditation journey began when I was 16 and took a weekend meditation course.  And meditation has been an important thread throughout my life.  In 2004 I was lead to study at The Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California and to become certified as a Chopra Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor.

I am a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARPReiki.org).  I am also certified as a Seven Spiritual Laws of Success Yoga Instructor through The Chopra Center.

Interested in taking a Reiki class – click here for my current schedule.

My recorded works have been featured in Body +Soul Magazine, Massage Magazine, Massage & Bodywork Magazine, and New Age Music.

My guided Meditation CDs and Reiki CDs include:

You can find my guided meditations at iTunes and Amazon.com – just search for “Lisa Guyman.” My Reiki audios are available for puchase on my site and my new Reiki students receive the entire Journey Through Reiki collection as a bonus!

Join me for my FREE Lightworkers Ignite guided meditation – learn more here!

Looking forward to connecting with you!

Enjoy The Journey!


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