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Are your Reiki hands in your pockets?

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I have had some songs on repeat…

A couple weeks ago while watching American Idol …I thought to myself “this season is really good.” I love seeing people pursuing their passions and I love music…

I noticed, however, there was ONE key difference between the performances that I loved the most, and the ones I didn’t feel so inspired by (which admittedly I fast-forwarded through).

My favorite performers truly owned the stage. They were fully present. They sang their hearts out – for all to see, feel and hear.

In contrast, some performers appeared to be caught up in their heads — worrying about doing it right and therefore anxious (understandably so) and unable to fully shine on stage.

Lionel Richie said it well: “Your hand got stuck in your pocket…”

When we’re in our heads, we’re not fully present.

And, this got me thinking about Reiki…

Just like learning any new skill, it’s common for Reiki I & II students to get caught in the trap of self-doubt and wonder if they’re doing it right.

This can even stop some from offering Reiki to others, which would actually BUILD their confidence and their trust in Reiki. (It’s funny how our fears keep us from the very thing we need).

So, today I’d like to talk a little about the 2 “P’s” of Reiki…

Most Reiki training focuses on the first “P”: The Practice of Reiki as a skill, which is undeniably important.

But, what most Reiki Teachers aren’t really talking about, is the other “P”…


As a Reiki Practitioner, your job is to be a clear conduit for the healing energy to flow through.

When you add Presence to your Practice, you feel more confident, you trust that Reiki is always in the highest good, and you more fully enjoy sharing Reiki in the world.

Without Presence, your nerves can take over, and you may find yourself putting your Reiki hands in your proverbial pockets — not fully following your Soul’s calling to help others.

In Reiki I & II the foundation for the practice of Reiki is taught.

In the Master & Teacher Levels there’s an opportunity to build and solidify your confidence, while receiving the next level attunements AND exploring new techniques.

The underlying secret ingredient is understanding the role that your Presence plays, whether you’re giving a Reiki session or teaching Reiki 1-on-1 or to a small group.

If you’ve taken Reiki I & II (or even all levels) and you’re feeling a little rusty and not fully confident in your practice – no worries! It’s not uncommon to have doubts. It’s just a matter of getting back into the game.

Here are some ways you can get the Reiki energy flowing…

  • Offer Reiki treatments to family members, friends, and even your pets!
  • Practice Self-Reiki and meditation
  • Retake Reiki I & II (if you are a returning student of mine, email me for the special refresher rate).
  • Dive into the Master & Teacher Levels, where you’ll build your confidence, and expand your horizons.
  • If learn Reiki with me then you’re eligible to join my year-long Reiki mentorship program.

*My year-long Reiki mentorship program which meets 2x-3x a month is a place to strengthen the two “P’s” in Reiki. Grow spiritually, deepen your self-Reiki and meditation practice, practice giving/receiving Reiki and be a part of a thriving community.

I open the doors again to ENERGI in January for my Reiki students. If you haven’t taken Reiki training with me yet, join an upcoming workshop and you’ll have the opportunity to get a sneak peek into the mentorship within several weeks of the workshop weekend.

Everyone gets off track sometimes on their spiritual journey . . .

I once told my friend (and fellow meditation teacher), Tim:

“I think we need to reset every day”

To which he replied:

“Lisa, I think we need to reset just about every moment.”

As we move further into this season of Spring — a symbol of growth and renewal — perhaps it’s time to Spring-clean whatever doubts have been holding you back, and truly take your Reiki hands out of your pockets!






Consider this an invitation to bring healing and renewal to your life, to your dreams, and to those around you.

This is your moment to shine!

Lisa Guyman

Your Reiki Mentor



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