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Back from NYC; About my Family

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I’ve been on the road traveling to Michigan and New York. The Big Apple in May was delightful. It was perfect weather for strolling and people watching.

I went to MOMA and saw Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh and to my surprise I was moved to tears. I saw some incredible plays both on Broadway and on a street basketball court in the Village.

One evening in NYC (due to my friend’s alumni connections) we attended a private talk (about 40 attendees) by Nobel Laureate, Saul Perlmutter, who won the prize with his research on the expanding universe. He was engaging, down to earth and compelling. He said the role of a scientist is to ask “what am I not seeing; where could I be wrong?” And that science isn’t about proving anything. I think that’s a great vantage point for all of us…what are we not seeing? It’s all too easy to get stuck in our way of seeing things. And in this we limit ourselves, limit others and lose the chance to experience the vibrancy of life. A question to ponder “what are you not seeing?”

My Reiki classes in NYC went swimmingly and I’m grateful to have established wonderful Reiki and meditation connections in NYC.

  • Honoring Moms and Dads – and their Archetypes

We play many roles in our lives. Even if we aren’t parents we parent in a myriad of ways to those around us including parenting of ourselves. In many ways these holidays (Mother’s Day and Father’s Day) can also be a celebration of the archetypes of mother and father a celebration of you and me!

In Michigan we threw my Mom a surprise Birthday party for her 87th Birthday! The celebration was the day after i.e. on Mother’s Day. She was touched and it was a special time. The chocolate fountain didn’t hurt matters either.

My Mom exudes resilience, adventure and generosity. She created her own job in 1952 at Hudson’s Department store and became a fashion buyer traveling to NYC every 3 weeks. She got married along the way and then became a full-time Mom in 1960. In 1968 she survived breast cancer. In 1978 she started a career in real estate (when I told her she was at my school too often – a typical teenager). She won realtor of the year a few years later. She lost her husband when she was 73. And had breast cancer again at 77. We took a journey to Spain for 3 weeks when she was 79 and she retired from real estate at 80. She had a knee replacement at 84 (her second one). At 85 I took her on a 10 day road trip to Washington D.C. and NYC.

She makes crafts and sells them at her booth and travels and dines out every chance she gets. She misses my Dad, but is grateful for their 46 years of marriage.

  • A Shout Out to Dads on Father’s Day

I’d like to send a shout out to the archetype of father which to me was represented so well by my Dad. He looked out for those around him. In February 2001, I wrote the above words. My dad died (left his temporary human disguise) rather suddenly April 18, 2001 at the age of 79. At the time I sent this to my Dad he was doing his mile-long swim most days. We thought he’d live well into his 90’s, although his Spirit lives on in all of us.

It’s always a good time to express our love and appreciation for our friends and family.

With all this being said we weren’t the Norman Rockwell family. All families have their own unique dysfunctions and ours was primarily denial and addiction. My Brother who is doing well now (in my mind he lives his life like a saint) is passionately dedicated to the 12 Step Program. He struggled with addiction for many years. He served time for DUIs (no one was ever harmed, fortunately). He has been sober since 51 (about 10 years now) We feel so blessed that he is alive and happy. He is devoted to a new way of life and sponsors others in their recovery. He is one of the most humble and most brilliant people I know and I’m so proud of him and the love he demonstrates daily.

  • Love Lives On . . .


We love you Dad and miss you!
  • The Spirit Lives On . . .


My Dad is joined now by one of his best friends, Captain Bill who made his transition on May 14, 2015. Thank you Bill and the rest of the Schulz clan for hosting us at your cottage on Lake Michigan. (We spent nearly every Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July, Labor Day weekend and New Years at the cottage). Summers meant sail races and swimming and winters meant skiing and snowmobiles. Thank you for the many happy memories that live on! In the photo my Dad is the one seated and pontificating and Captain Bill is the one standing on deck.

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