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The Many Benefits of Meditation and Counting Onto Infinity

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Benefits of Meditation

Meditation enriches all aspects of your life – body, mind, spirit.

There are many proven benefits of meditation:

  • It provides deep rest allowing the body to renew, repair, and rejuvenate.

  • It provides downtime and true relaxation which is more important than ever in our ever-connected society.

  • It helps us re-connect with that quiet and centered part of ourselves.

  • It helps reduce anxiety (cortisol) and reduce depression and expands our capacity for happiness (affecting dopamine and serotonin levels).

  • Meditation reduces stress (decreases cortisol and makes us better able to handle life’s challenges).

  • Increases flow and synchronicities in life.

  • Contributes to peak mental and physical performance.

  • Releases stress and less stress means greater well-being, better digestion, improved sleep, and improved immune system function.

  • Improves productivity and job satisfaction.

  • Better health and reversal of aging  (blood pressure normalization, DHEA enhanced, telomeres lengthen, eyesight and hearing have been shown to improve, reduced incidence of illness and better recovery)

  • Increases self-actualization, confidence, and improvement in social relationships.

  • Increases intelligence (IQ) and creativity.

  • It hastens the development of higher states of consciousness.

  • And so much more…

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The ultimate reason for meditation is to return us to our wholeness, expand our awareness and accelerate our spiritual growth. Lisa Guyman teaches Primordial Sound Meditation. During this practice our minds become quiet allowing our bodies to gain the deep rest necessary to release stress and fatigue. In meditation we reconnect with our essence. This connection extends into our daily lives and can result in improved health, more fulfilling relationships, enthusiasm for life and increased creativity.


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Please share your thoughts below on what benefits have you noticed from learning to meditate?  Would you encourage others to take up a practice?


One Response to “The Many Benefits of Meditation and Counting Onto Infinity”
  1. Lynne Baum says:

    I have practiced many forms of meditation in the last 15 years; from Zen to T.M. to Vipassana to Primordial Sound Meditation with Lisa. PSM. is one of the easiest forms of meditation I have learned and practiced. The thing about meditation, all forms, is that consistency gets results. With PSM. the 20 minutes twice a day goes by so fast that you end up craving more time because it feels so good to be still and use your mantra. The mantra(sound) resonates with your deepest being helping you feel at home in your own body. As time goes on it becomes such a natural part of your day that you can’t imagine skipping it. And when you have to due to circumstances beyond your control you get to see the profound affect it has had on your life. They say that it’s not what happens during your meditation that counts, but how it affects your everyday life. Namaste~ Lynne, Yoga Instructor