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Covid-19 and Reiki

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Message from Lisa Guyman . . .

I hope this finds you well and you are taking precautions (for yourself and others) and are able to experience calm and peace in the midst of all of this uncertainty.


Special Note/Update – Because of Covid-19 the following workshops were cancelled:

March 20-22 training in Austin, TX
March 27-29 training in Birmingham, MI
April 17-19 training in Denver, CO
May 2-3 training in Seattle, WA


New Online Trainings

Virtual – Reiki Self-Treatment Workshop May 9.

Virtual Reiki I Training April 17-18.

Virtual Reiki I, II, Master and Teacher Workshop – May 22-24.

Virtual Primordial Sound Meditation Workshop – June 12-14.

Virtual Reiki I, II, Master and Teacher Workshop – June 26-28.

I may add additional workshop dates this summer and there may be additional cancellations. If you have registered for a class already I’ll keep you posted. Feel free to reach out with any questions. Your deposit can be transferred to a future Reiki or meditation training (in-person or online). Deposits are non-refundable however they are transferrable for two years.


Reiki is highly beneficial to well-being (read about the research from Harvard). Reiki self-treatment and meditation are fantastic practices to ease stress and boost immunity during this time.


Coronavirus/Covid-19 & Reiki

Reiki does indeed enhance well-being, however, it is super important to use extra precautions for yourself, your clients and your students (if you teach Reiki). If you are already attuned to Reiki practice self-Reiki and/or meditation daily. This is a great time to send distance Reiki to the planet. Send Reiki to others and to all beings! And of course follow guidelines from the CDC.

Do what you can to manage your stress and to be a source of love and Reiki for those around you. Be compassionate and kind toward yourself and to those around you!

Recommendations for preventing and reducing transmission:

  • Follow the social distancing recommendations.
  • Follow your states most stringent guidelines.
  • Practice social distancing even if you don’t feel sick.
  • Maintain a balanced self-care routine to keep your immune system strong by eating healthy, nutritious foods, taking immune boosting supplements* and getting enough rest and exercise. Reiki, meditation and EFT are also great immune boosters.
  • Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly before eating or brushing your teeth, washing your face or touching your face.
  • And also super key is avoiding touching your face i.e. eyes, ears, mouth, nose (this is easier said than done) unless you’ve just washed your hands.
  • Also, clean/sanitize your phone, too!
  • This isn’t nutritional advice, but my favorite immune boosts are: Gaia elderberry syrup, Gaia oil of oregano, zinc, Tulsi turmeric tea and having Young Living’s Thieves on hand. If you are interested in Young Living my number is 264787 or you can call Donna Lefferdo (303) 717-0557 with any questions or to place an order. I simply use YL – I don’t do it as a business. Or DoTERRA’s On Guard is great too and similar to Thieves. Here is a link to a friend of mine’s DoTERRA’s account (I’m not a distributer of DoTERRA).

Here are some recommendations for practicing Reiki on others and teaching Reiki!

Practicing Reiki in Person on your husband, wife, child, housemate, roommate!

If you are practicing on your spouse and you sleep in the same bed then you can do Reiki with contact. I would still avoid doing hand placements on the face. 

Practicing Reiki on a housemate …. 

  • At this time don’t do any in-person Reiki treatments with the exception of working on someone you live with (see above).
  • Keep up to date and follow my guidelines below or CDC guidelines whichever is stricter. and
  • Reiki can be done with a housemate on a massage table (if you have one) or a sofa. If you choose (even for someone you live with) you can do Reiki from across the room or several feet away. As the practitioner you could also be seated. Just remember to keep six feet of distance. On a housemate you could do contact Reiki, but I still wouldn’t do contact Reiki over the face or head.
  • Be sure (of course) to wash your hands thoroughly before the session and to de-sanitize any surfaces you may touch before or during the session.
  • Don’t work with any contact on anyone even a housemate if you feel at all under the weather and also don’t do contact work on anyone (even a housemate) that has any symptoms. You can still do Reiki from several feet away or practice long-distance Reiki on loved ones (that even live in the same home).

Teaching Reiki Classes in Person
At this time it is advised to put your Reiki classes on tentative hold and to not teach in-person until national and state guidelines say it is safe to gather in groups.

It’s super important for the community to reduce the bell curve and slow the virus down.

If you choose to teach a Reiki class anyway, please keep the guidelines below in mind. Gatherings should be 9 people or less, although honestly until things truly settle down with Covid-19 it may make sense to hold off on teaching classes (or offer a virtual class). 

  • Keep up to date and follow the CDC guidelines. and
  • Tell students not to attend if they are sick or have any risk factors or have recently traveled to a high risk area or have been in contact with anyone with Covid-19. And that if any symptoms show up in class they’d have to leave i.e. sneezing, fever, cold, cough etc. 
  • Make it a non-touch and non-hugging class and be at 6 feet or more distance the entire time from students and students seated at least six feet apart. Again, I don’t recommend any in-person Reiki classes at this time.
  • Have students wash their hands during each break and sanitize any surfaces students touch. Be hyper vigilant. 
  • Advise students to particularly avoid touch their face including, eyes, nose, mouth and ears.
  • Reiki sessions should be given without contact i.e. keeping six feet distance.
  • Again, I don’t recommend any in-person classes at this time.


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