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Enjoying the Rhythm of Life

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Living in Flow

by Lisa Guyman

Life is an exciting journey especially when we feel we are in the flow, not pushing it, not resisting it.  We often try to push the river of life or yearn for the next landscape (when we all know we can’t make a river move any faster than nature has designed) or we resist the river (holding on to a outcropping, to our old ways) when really the whole secret is letting go.  The river of life, our higher self, can take us on a powerful and magical journey when we do our part and yet let go.

As human beings we are meant to be engaged and have desires and goals, but we are also meant to connect with the wholeness and fulfillment that already lies within.  Any challenges or issues we are facing or or desires that have remained unfulfilled are mirroring what is within and often propelling us onward in our lives purpose.  Ultimately, anything that is in our lives (or not in our lives) can help us reach our potential and return us to our wholeness.  It is not that we are doing something wrong when our life doesn’t look like we expected, but that there may bea higher design at work.

As Richard Bach says in Illusions “there is no such thing as a problem without a gift for us in its hands.  We seek problems because we need their gifts.”  The challenges we’ve faced are the twists and turns that have made us who we are today.

Diamonds are created under great pressure.  Growth can be uncomfortable because we are used to things the way they are.  We often hang onto our habits and limitations even if we’re not all that happy.  Change moves us beyond our present boundaries and can make us feel vulnerable.  In this process, we face our resistance, but if we can focus on what we want to create and focus on the steps that are revealing themselves to us we can experience growth with relative grace and ease.

It won’t always be easy, but if we listen to our hearts desires and are willing to live in the unknown we will be led on our richest, most fulfilling path.  Life will synchronize people, places and events.  Part of the challenge is seeing those connections and following them.

When we allow our lives to flow, we can become filled with vitality, excitement and yet a calm certainty that what is ahead is meant to be and what is behind was all part of the plan.  We learn to trust in ourselves and in the universe to bring us exactly what we need to reach our ultimate potential.  When we are moving in the right direction we will know it because our intuitions will be right, things will (sometimes miraculously) fall into place, we will get signs that we are on the right path, our desires will be manifested with more ease and we will feel very alive and centered.

We won’t be ceaselessly striving; we’ll be connecting with our inner wholeness and learning to enjoy this moment, this day.  We’ll learn to ride the river of life, ‘be’ as we are moving forth and that is what makes the journey rich and rewarding.

Inquiry of the Month

How is your life flowing?  Are you pushing too hard?  Resisting and hanging back too much?

One of my Favorite Quotes

“Keep breathing.  The sun will rise and who knows what the tide will bring.”  Tom Hanks, The Castaway.


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