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Hypnosis Q&A

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Frequently Asked Questions about Hypnosis

by Lisa Guyman
(credit to Marilyn Gordon – School of Hypnotherapy)

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What is the basis of hypnosis?
In a state of profound relaxation, you can access the mind’s database of patterns, habits, thoughts, visions, dreams, and experiences. This allows the client to see the causes of habits and problems, to gain clarity and then to access their inner wisdom so that they can move forward and create change.

Can everyone be hypnotized?

 The majority of people can be hypnotized – i.e. about 90%.  Some people go very deeply into hypnosis and some experience a lighter state, but the majority are in the middle.  Hypnosis is basically a state of deep relaxation and nearly everyone is able to attain a deep enough level of relaxation in order for it to be effective.

Can someone go too deeply?

Even if you go very deeply the client always retains complete awareness and control.  You are not “under” hypnosis, but just find a quiet place within.  In this place your conscious mind relaxes so that you can access your subconscious mind where you can gain great insight and it is from this level that suggestion, visualization and positive affirmations become particularly effective.

Do I need a series of sessions or just one session?

That depends on you.  The goal is to help you create as much change as is comfortable for you.  For some long-standing patterns you may want to take the time to explore different aspects of it.  Some people see tremendous shifts in just one session and what supports this is the CD recorded just for you affirming the changes you want to make.  Listening to this CD is like receiving hypnosis every day.

How is the state of hypnosis created in a session?

We’ll first talk about what you want to explore and possibly do some preliminary techniques.  Then about 30 minutes into the session we can begin the actual hypnosis part.  At this time you relax in comfortable chair (or if you want you can lie down on the Reiki table).  Then I play relaxing music and help you go into hypnosis in a number of ways, through certain hypnotic touch points (i.e. the shoulders, top of head, and hands), the counting down numbers and the use relaxing imagery and guided meditation. You’ll have the experience of going progressively deeper into relaxation. You may have a feeling of heaviness like a blanket of peace is covering you; or you may feel light like you are floating. Your breathing and heart rate will slow down. And even though you may still hear sounds in the environment there will still be a sense of deep inner quiet.

How does hypnosis facilitate personal transformation?

You most likely will have some particular issue that you are looking at. First I will help you to experience what’s going on and see what feelings or thoughts are coming up for you and possibly determine the origin whether it’s from a recent occurrence, from an older occurrence, or even a past life. The second step of the transformational process is release. Here, you are able to let go of unwanted thoughts, feelings, or energies. This happens naturally as issues are being resolved. The third stage is transformation. I facilitate you getting in touch with your essential self, your core of spiritual strength. Then I bring you out of hypnosis and it’s likely that with your new awareness, you’ll feel more centered and calm, having brought more resolution to the issue at hand and in new ways of seeing your life.

How are individualized hypnosis CDs created for me?

This CD is recorded as you relax in the hypnotic state. This is custom made to support you with your continued personal development and is specific to your issue.  It is a highly individualized custom-made CD with hypnotic induction, voice, and music. Listening to it on a regular basis is like having hypnosis every day.  (Note: this is a 10-15 minute recording of a relaxation process and my voice and words done after the hypnosis part of the session is done).

Will the effects of hypnosis fade with time?

It’s possible to come for one session and achieve permanent results. However, you may have issues that resurface periodically. Over time, you can become the master of your issues so that if they reappear, you have the tools to successfully manage them. In this way, hypnosis offers unlimited healing to alleviate many of the obstacles in our lives and helps us to reach new levels of inner transformation.

How often would I come if I’d like additional sessions?

Some people choose to come back a week or two later to work on a different aspect, others may come back once a month or as needed i.e. maybe as infrequently as once or twice a year (for a tune up or to work on a different issue).

How long is a session?

The sessions last 90 minutes and is tailored to you.  These sessions are just done in person, however I do make personalized CD’s for those at a distance.  All sessions include a personally recorded guided imagery cd or mp3 that you take with you at the end of the session – this recording will support your growth.  This recording is 10-20 minutes in length and will have my voice and some soft music.  This is recorded live in your session and is specific to your goals, desires or healing.

Why is Hypnosis helpful?

We human beings have tremendous potential and working with hypnosis supports us in channeling our potential, in healing our past, in gaining new insight and in gaining momentum.   Hypnosis is mostly a matter of helping “the client get out of their own way.”

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