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Lightworkers Ignite Update & Origin Story

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Every time you meditate, practice self-Reiki, or give Reiki to another, you are accelerating your own growth and you’re helping to raise the vibration of the world.

The world needs Lightworkers like you.

I wanted to share here how my Lightworkes Meditations got started and what’s next on the horizon.

Winding back the clock…

It was May 2020 – just months into the pandemic – and the horrendous murder of George Floyd took the spotlight on every news channel.

Deeply affected by the story, my dear friend, Robin, called me with urgency in her voice…

Lisa, you need to lead a guided meditation to help usher in peace and compassion.”

I responded: “But, others like Deepak Chopra are already leading healing meditations. I don’t need to.”

Robin wouldn’t let me off the hook. She insisted the world needed my voice. She even came up with a name for it: “Lightworkers Ignite”.

And, I have to admit, I loved the name she came up with for it!

Even though I was brand-new to Zoom, and leading a virtual meditation was totally out of my comfort zone, I answered the call…


Here’s Robin and I later in 2020 being peace activists and helping to get the vote out…


So, I sent an email out announcing a meditation on Zoom in early June 2020. 

My intention was to lead a single meditation that night. A one-time event!

It turned out Robin was onto something… 92 people signed up to attend!


Here’s the first Lightworkers Ignite! Well, screen one from Zoom!


The response was so great…and everyone was stuck at home due to the pandemic shutdown in 2020… so I decided to offer it again in July.

My mission as a Reiki and meditation teacher has always been to offer programs that foster personal and spiritual growth and create more healing in the world.

Two years, twenty-three meditations, and 1500+ registrations later…here we are!

It started as a one-time event and then I ran this for free for over two years…

And as I announced, the November 2022 meditation marked the final Lightworkers Ignite gathering.

It’s been so rewarding leading these meditations…and I’m so grateful for you.

There is still so much healing needed with the ongoing wars and violence around the globe.

But, I’m being led to create a greater impact through my meditation and Reiki programs…

During the pandemic, I took my Reiki workshops onto Zoom and developed a brand new 12-month ENERGI Reiki Mentorship community. This is for Reiki practitioners who want to deepen their experience, nurture their spirituality, and even grow their own Reiki businesses.

It’s been a joy to pour my heart into creating ENERGI and grow a loving community of heart-centered people who want to make a difference in the world.

And such a privilege to watch my Reiki students learn and grow in so many ways with ENERGI- and if I can be a little vulnerable here – the community has also profoundly grown me.

Over the next year, in addition to re-opening the doors to ENERGI in January.

I’ll be offering some exciting new meditation and Reiki programs, starting with my Journey into Meditation Experience (happening December 17th).

There’s no doubt that the world needs more love, meditation, and Reiki – as well as other inspired actions to create a greater space for safety and peace.

And I want you to know that every time you meditate, practice self-Reiki, or give Reiki to another, you are accelerating your own growth and you’re helping to raise the vibration of the world.



I’m truly grateful for you, Lisa, and so happy that you’re in my world.

If you’ve attended Lightworkers Ignite I want to thank you personally for sharing this sacred space with me.



With love and gratitude,


P.S. If you’d like to immerse yourself in a series of meditation practices that progressively take you deeper and deeper into profound relaxation, be sure to sign up for my Journey into Meditation Experience on December 17th. It’s a great way to de-stress and stay centered during the busy holiday season!



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