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Journey into Meditation: a Roadmap to Inner Healing and Wholeness © Lisa Guyman

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Take a breath. Notice how your breath flows. Allow it to come in and allow it to exit without any effort. Repeat. Yes, meditation starts with attention to the moment and it can be as simple and as easy as just observing your breath.

I slip into the moment so easily when I’m by the ocean. To me there is nothing more naturally meditative than listening to the ocean waves and feeling the ocean breeze. Waves go up and down endlessly, creating a soothing rhythm. Time stretches out into infinity and yet it stands still. The ocean reminds us to just be, to relax. It is in no hurry. It just is. And if we are allowed to truly be, we heal and we shine. We’re expansive and limitless. But, since we all can’t live by the shore, we have to bring the shore, the deeper rhythm of consciousness to us.

Meditation allows us to transcend into the ocean of our consciousness, beyond our regular thoughts and feelings and into our deep inner quiet. With meditation we switch on the light instead of analyzing the darkness. Meditation is one of the most powerful things we can do for our lives and it’s not difficult to practice. In fact, it is very, very easy.


About Lisa Guyman
As a Life Coach, Hypnotherapist,  Reiki Master, Yoga Nidra Instructor and Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor, Lisa recognizes the tremendous potential in her fellow human beings that is waiting to be released.

At a young age Lisa became interested in meditation, healing, and personal growth. She followed this interest and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology emphasizing Sociology at the University of Michigan in Dearborn. She worked for a wellness company for a short time and then after working for seven years in human resources, she took a leap of faith. She completed massage training, quit her corporate job in Detroit and moved to Denver in 1997 not knowing anyone there or having a job. Shortly after arriving she rented an office space and started her massage and energy healing practice, Inner Sanctum.

Several months later she began offering and then teaching Reiki, a Japanese form of energy healing. Through Reiki she has witnessed many profound transformations in her students and clients. She has taught Reiki to over 2000 people and continues to offer Reiki workshops. Lisa’s passion lies in teaching, and also in supporting people in the pursuit of their dreams and goals. In 2002 Lisa completed the Coaching from Spirit program and began her work as a coach and in 2007 became certified as a Hypnotherapist.  Since 2004 Lisa has taught over Primordial Sound Meditation to over 200 students and is thrilled to say that those taking Primordial Sound Meditation find that meditation is actually easy and enjoyable and that it makes a huge difference in quality of life.

Lisa’s vision is to positively affect as many lives as possible and contribute to world peace. She believes her purpose is to bring more light and love into the world and to support people in realizing their potential and reawakening to all that they are. Her mission is to support people in expanding and deepening their connection to source while empowering them to unfold their dreams and live a fulfilling, purposeful life.

She seeks to accomplish her mission by providing sanctuary for people and by communicating spiritual and practical tools and concepts through her workshops, one-on-one sessions, speaking engagements, writing, and guided meditations.

Journey Into Meditation:  A Roadmap to Inner Healing and Wholeness © Lisa Guyman, 2004 by Lisa Guyman.  To receive a complete copy of this chapter or for  publication online or print, please contact Lisa for pricing by email or by phone  (720) 683-0444.  This is from “Sacred Healing: a Guide to Getting it.” No portions of this article may be reprinted without permission from Lisa Guyman. All rights reserved.


4 Responses to “Journey into Meditation: a Roadmap to Inner Healing and Wholeness © Lisa Guyman”
  1. Eric Hutchins says:


    You posted a link to this essay on an Amazon Community thread entitled, “Is reading a book the best way to learn to meditate?” Since your post did not address the question (other than to point to your essay, “Journey into Meditation…,” I was reluctant to follow the link and read what you had to say. I am happy to report that my mood quickly turned positive and then joyful as I read your very personal, well-written, and accurate testimonial about the benefits of meditation. Although my writing style is quite different, I found myself appreciating your fluid, first-person approach and thinking of it as very good instruction-by-example.

    I was blessed to learn TM at UC Santa Barbara when I was 20 and unable to pull anything better than a “C” in classes during my first two years there. The Fall quarter I started TM, I pulled straight “A’s” and had time to build a surfboard from scratch AND feel that life was vastly improved. After two years, I got too busy to meditate. The funny thing was, I continued telling people how great TM was and why they should start! Once I started TM again, my TM Center in Santa Barbara encouraged me to go to TM Teacher Training (6 months of in-residence training). During my Teacher Training Course (TTC), I became moved to pray at the end of my meditations. Two years after being made a TM Teacher (on my 28th birthday), I learned the TM-Siddhis and have practiced TM, the TM-Siddhis, and prayer using the same Samyama technique used in the Siddhis on a regular, daily basis ever since.

    After reading your essay, I was filled with appreciation for your honesty and clarity in directing your readers toward TM. I write extensively about the mechanics of personal, inter-personal, workplace, community, and global transformation, and… I always direct people toward a form of meditation that has stood the long test of time, and I always give TM my highest recommendation.

    Based on your essay, the most important point I would emphasis is the importance of meditating twice each day, every day. Maharaishi and every other enlightened spokesperson for a tradition I have read mirrors my own experience that roughly 60% of the benefit of meditation is contained in the last 20% of regular, daily practice.

    Based on your essay, the second most important point that I would offer is the importance of directing others towards learning a traditional form of meditation in the way it has always been taught. As you make clear, it was not a coincidence that your friend got headaches after you taught her to meditate with a mantra you “made up.” As every enlightened spokesman for a tradition makes clear, “the long test of time is the ONLY way we can know that a meditative technique is BOTH safe and effective.

    Finally, there are others like you and I. Susan Shumsky (How to Hear the Voice of God, et al.) and David Spector (Natural Stress Release) are two that come readily to mind. I believe that we should be talking to each other and putting our attention on how we can collaborate on elevating the consciousness of 1% of global humanity. As you say in your essay, “the most fascinating scientific results concern the field effects of consciousness.”

  2. Lisa, I love the story of your finding TM, moving to other practices, then returning to Primordial Sound Meditation. To say I have enjoyed my regular practice of meditation for the last 40 years is putting it mildly. It has simply improved every aspect of my life.

    Those who happen to learn to meditate in spite of the current lack of publicity for TM, PSM, and NSR are lucky indeed. Much more fun and fulfillment can happen for all of us by being able to spread this wonderful self-development technology–transcending–to everyone in the world.

    David Spector, Natural Stress Relief/USA

  3. Lisa Guyman says:

    Thank you David for writing. You are doing good work in the world. There are many ways people can learn to meditate and as you say one is not better than the other. The key is supporting people in whatever meditation practice they resonate with and that people realize that they can meditate. Wishing you the best. I’ll post a link to your site. For now I’m keeping my site lean so I’m simplifying the comments area.

  4. Lisa Guyman says:

    Thank you Eric for sharing your thoughts on my article and for sharing the tremendous experience over the years you’ve had with your dedicated meditation practice. I’m glad you are investing the time in completing your book, Global Manifesto, in which you share your vision for creating higher consciousness on the planet.

    The TM organization is doing amazing work in the world. I am grateful for all the research they have done to quantify the benefits of meditation.

    I find that Primordial Sound Meditation is equally effective, profound, easy to learn, and widely offered by certified Chopra Center instructors.

    Keep shining, Lisa