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Lisa, Guest Speaker for the Chopra Center Teacher Teleconference

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Yesterday, I was the guest speaker on a Chopra Center conference call for certifed Chopra Center meditation, yoga, and Ayurvedic teachers.  We gathered together to talk about ways we can get the word out on the fabulous Chopra Center programs.  I’ve referred countless students, around the globe, to The Chopra Center and I was asked how I was so successful in doing so.

The truth is that I love The Chopra Center and the programs they offer.  I can’t say enough positive things about the workshops and trainings I’ve attended.  When we know something offers great value it’s easy to share it with others.

If you have never attended a Chopra Center program then I highly recommend getting started.  You can take a workshop in your community with a local Chopra Center instructor or attend one of the main Chopra Center programs.

Special Discounts Available on Chopra Center Programs
Just mention my name, Lisa Guyman, when inquiring to receive a discount on Chopra Center programs or Teacher Training.   Contact Gabrielle, Chopra Center Consultant, at 760-494-1696 or at and mention my name.

The Chopra Center

I highly, highly recommend attending one of the many Chopra Center programs.  The program at the top of my list is Seduction of Spirit.  I love, love, love this program.  Renew your mind, body and spirit with this 6-day yoga, meditation and ayurvedic program.

Complete List of Chopra Center Programs:

  • Journey into Healing – Mind-Body Wellness Workshop
  • Synchrodestiny – Harness the Power of Coincidence
  • Perfect Health Panchkarma
  • Free to Love – Feel Whole Again
  • Free to Heal – Restore Health and Balance
  • A Weekend Within – Intro to Yoga, Meditation, and Ayurveda
  • Secrets of Enlightenment – Discover the Hidden Dimensions of Your Life
  • Seduction of Spirit – Meditate with Deepak

Chopra Center’s Teacher Training Programs:

  • Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher Training
  • Ayurvedic/Perfect Health Teacher Training

If you are interested in learning more about the above programs or the teacher’s path, click here –

Special Discounts Available:
Contact Gabrielle, Chopra Center Consultant, at 760-494-1696 or at and mention my name, Lisa Guyman, when inquiring to receive a special discount on your course tuition or teaching training.  As a Chopra Center program consultant Gabrielle can answer any questions about programs.

Get Started by Taking a Class in Your Local Community with a Certified Chopra Center Instructor. 

  • Learn to meditate in a local Primordial Sound Meditation class.
  • Learn about dietary and lifestyle changes by working with a Certified Chopra Center Perfect Health/Ayurveda teacher.



2 Responses to “Lisa, Guest Speaker for the Chopra Center Teacher Teleconference”
  1. Namaste, I teach yoga teacher training 200 at Front Range Jr. College, dept. of Holistic Health. I also have a chldren’s yoga teacher training programs with Yoga Alliance privately. I am interested in whether or not you have teacher training for 500 level as I have 350 hours plus at least 100 hours training in Children’s Speciality. I am interested in your classes in Denver in sound meditation, 7 las and Ayurveda. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Shirley Smithson

  2. Lisa Guyman says:

    Thanks for writing. The Chopra Center’s yoga certification is 200 hour program and is taught in California….However what is great about it is that student’s learn to incorporate the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success in to the practice of yoga. I am offering a Primordial Sound Meditation class in Denver on January 10-11, 2014.