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Primordial Sound Meditation – Early Registration Bonus!

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Sign up by the early registration deadline* for your locale and you get a one-on-one session with Lisa Guyman over-the-phone!

This one-on-one 30-minute call/consultation can be used to fine tune your meditation practice or for life coaching around meditation. It can be used to meditate “live” with me or it can be used to go deeper into other aspects of the Primordial Sound course such as manifesting and the practice of setting intentions.

This meditation consulting/life coaching session is a value of $125.00+

Presently, to coach with Lisa Guyman requires a three-month commitment! But this session is a bonus and doesn’t require any further sessions or any commitment.

Register early and have your very own meditation coach for a session scheduled in the weeks after the course or even up to one year later.

*Early Registration Bonus Deadlines



Taking a Primordial Sound Meditation workshop is truly one of the best decisions one can make in life!

If you take the class, you’ll learn to meditate easily (yes, this meditation is designed to be easy to practice)!

Learn how to integrate meditation in your life.

Experience differences in your life from your daily meditation practice (greater calm, greater clarity, greater well-being, better relationships, a deeper sense of fulfillment, heightened intuition and synchronicity).

This is a powerful and integrative practice you can enjoy the rest of your life!

The beautiful thing about Primordial Sound Meditation is you can do it anywhere (that you can close your eyes for 20-30 minutes)! It’s ultra portable because it doesn’t require any technology!

There are countless apps and mini-courses on meditation, but none of them give you the complete context and comprehension and experiential success as my Primordial Sound Meditation course does!



Reserve my Space – Primordial Sound Meditation Workshop:

Primordial Sound Meditation. Reserve Your Space with Course Fee: $475.

Michigan November 22-23, 2019 Meditation Workshop

Colorado December 13-15, 2019 Meditation Workshop

If you wish to make a deposit only of $200 (and pay the balance of $275 a week prior to the workshop) email Lisa for a PayPal request or register by phone.

Registration/cancellation/refund policy.

To register directly call (720) 683-0444 or email

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