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The Power of Meditating with Visualization

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I believe the Universe sprinkles signs along our paths to help guide us to our most fulfilling next step or realization.

This story goes back a while, but the takeaways were life-changing for me. I first came across Joe Dispenza (also known as “Dr. Joe”) in the movie, What the Bleep Do We Know?

Soon after, I attended a talk he gave in Denver. It was fascinating, so I signed up for his multi-day meditation workshop.



One of the coolest parts was I got to have my brainwaves analyzed. I’ll tell you about my surprising results later…

If you aren’t familiar with Dr. Joe, he has quite the story about the power of visualization and meditation… 

It goes back decades to the 1980s. As a self-described “23-year-old hotshot” chiropractor and athlete in southern California, he was participating in a triathlon.

During the cycling segment of the race, he was waved through a turn and was struck from behind by an SUV going 55mph. He flew off his bike and landed on his back, breaking six vertebrae.

Top surgeons proposed implanting steel rods in his back to realign his spine. It was a complex and risky operation that, if gone bad, could mean the end of his participation in competitive sports.

His doctors feared he would become paralyzed without the operation and urged him to do it. Against their wishes, Joe made the difficult decision to check himself out of the hospital…

“I thought I might as well take a chance here… I think that this voice kept coming up in my head, saying [that] the power that made the body heals the body.

And I thought, … This power is an intelligence. And intelligence is consciousness. Consciousness is awareness. Awareness is paying attention. It must be paying attention to me.’ … And I said, ‘I’m not going to let any thought slip by my awareness that I don’t want to experience. … And so … I just started reconstructing my spine in my mind, vertebrae by vertebrae.” 

Joe devoted nearly every moment of his waking day to visualization and meditation and beat the odds.

He relentlessly pictured himself walking around fully recovered. In just ten weeks, he experienced a miraculous recovery.

His story is extraordinary. And to be clear, I have great respect for the technology and wonders of modern medicine. I’m certainly not advocating ignoring medical advice. 

Without modern medicine, my Mom likely would have died of cancer in her 40s. Instead, she lived a full and vibrant life to the age of 89.

What I am advocating is embracing the enormous power of the mind.

In our everyday lives, it would benefit us all to deeply embrace meditation and visualization. 

These practices can reshape our lives and help us manifest our highest good.

We tap into the power of the mind and the soul when we get quiet.

It’s the stillness in nature.

It’s the space between our thoughts in meditation.

It’s the sense of timelessness and presence in Reiki.

But, sometimes, instead of any sense of stillness or peace and quiet, we hear relentless inner chatter… 

You know that voice that never stops, aka, the “inner roommate.”

It often fills our heads with worry, analysis paralysis, and nagging self-doubt. It feeds us reasons why something good or transformative can’t happen for us. 

The good news is the mind is so powerful that you can still benefit from meditation and visualization even if you have a hard time quieting your mind.

While Dr. Joe’s story isn’t common, he’s living proof of the power of focused intention.

With a little practice, anyone can benefit from meditation and visualization and see lasting effects in their lives.

The most profound part of Dr. Joe’s workshop was getting feedback from the neuroscientist who analyzed my brainwaves. To be honest, I was a little nervous. As it turned out, the results would forever change my experience of meditation.


>> I talk about it here in this video


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