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Meditation in Detroit

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Meditation in Detroit


This Fall we instructed  20 sixth graders at James and Grace Lee Boggs School in Detroit, Michigan.

Kids are smart! When we asked the 10 & 11 year old kids about the benefits of meditation (without us suggesting anything) they said: be healthy, live to be a 100, be able to brush things off more easily, be happy. When we returned a couple days later the kids reported sleeping better (no nightmares) and said “meditation wasn’t boring like I thought it would be” and “I already feel better about myself.”



Boggs Elementary School Meditation Program – Twenty Amazing Kids.  Teachers Lisa Guyman and Tim McMahon and Founder of Tuning the Student Mind -Molly Beauregard.



Tuning the Student Mind – Meditation Classes at College for Creative Study 


College for Creative Studies – Tuning the Student Mind Meditation Program

We instructed 50 college students at the College for Creative Studies (CCS) in the course “Consciousness, Creativity and Bliss.”

At CCS when we returned after a few weeks for Q&A and feedback many of the students reported that they were sleeping better, feeling less anxious and that they really enjoy the meditation practice. One student said “my life seems to organize itself effortlessly now that I meditate daily.”

Thank you to my teaching partner Tim McMahon and Molly Beauregard, the founder of Tuning the Student Mind! Thank you Molly for your passion and for bringing meditation to more and more students and for these incredible opportunities!
And a shout out to The Chopra Center for being tremendously supportive of our instruction meditation in the schools!

Changes in 2016

I am MOVING. A homecoming of sorts. I’m moving back to Michigan after 17 years in Colorado! It almost sounds funny to say “moving” because essentially I’ve been living in Michigan since July of this year.

I’ll share more about the synchronicities that have abounded, but for now I’ll say the “move” took me by surprise. Deepak’s quote summarizes my experience so well “all great change is preceded by chaos”. There was a lot of chaos and still much in flux, but the current of the river has been so strong.
My move feels right on so many levels! I’m excited to see what 2016 brings! Expect some NEW offerings from me next year!
Is your life guiding you to some change? Is there a risk you are being called to take? A new direction?

If things are in flux…what wants to be born?

Note to Beautiful Coloradans: I plan to continue teaching Reiki Workshops in Colorado!

lisa guyman moving

lisa guyman moving

The Good, The Perfect and the Present – Newsletter December 2015

The holidays are upon us! This can create an abundance of activity and a world of emotion. Create a better inner experience during the season by focusing on the good, softening “into the now” and letting go of perfection.
At the holidays (as always) we can choose to focus on what we appreciate about our lives (what is good) or we can choose to focus on the things we think should be different. And we all know that life feels much better when we focus on what is working instead of what isn’t.
When we go beyond focusing on the good to focusing on “the now” we feel lighter and happier. On a nearly ongoing basis we evaluate what is happening i.e. “this is good”, “this is wonderful” “this is not good,” “this shouldn’t be happening” “I wish this was happening” etc.
When we truly bring our awareness into “the now” we go beyond evaluation and can experience a sense of contentment and happiness.
In “the now” we connect with the vibrant stillness inside of us. We connect with our inner being, with all that is, to Source, to God within. Isn’t that the essence of the season? Honoring our spiritual path (whatever it might be) and awakening the light within us?

If we remind ourselves to return to “the now” we can move beyond the past (which is no longer happening) and move beyond the future (which has yet to happen) and soften into “the now.” In the light of “the now” we enjoy life so much more and radiate greater love and levity to all those around us.

On a practical note letting go of perfection (and expectation) is also key in enjoying the holidays (and life) more. We don’t have to get everything done that we intended to. We don’t have to get the perfect gift or attend every event that we plan on. We can give ourselves (and everyone around us) the freedom to be perfectly imperfect and to make the most nourishing choices in the moment.
Wishing you an ever increasing present moment awareness!

Rock your light! Rock your life!

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!


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