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Meditations, Brainwaves & the Universe

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When I arrived in Copper Mountain, Colorado, to lead a meditation workshop at the Wanderlust Yoga & Music Festival, I was pleased to learn that my workshop was being held at the “quiet place.”

I imagined a cozy space in one of the mountain lodges with ambient lighting and soft, piped-in music…

How cool is that, I thought…

Boy, was I surprised!

Instead of what I pictured, the workshop space was a noisy outdoor tent by the highway.

The “quiet place” wasn’t quiet at all.

How am I going to be able to lead meditation here? There wasn’t even a microphone or music. I was hoping I would be able to talk over the traffic.

I felt a little nervous as the tent filled with participants, expecting a peaceful meditation experience.

(Thankfully, I didn’t know a musical celebrity was in the audience, or that may have made me more nervous).

This is when a sense of humor comes in handy… I started the workshop by pointing out the irony that our “quiet place” wasn’t quiet (at all).

I asked the attendees:

“How many of you think your mind is too busy for meditation?” Most hands went up. (This is pretty common).

I began with a short meditative practice as a warm-up.

Then I asked the attendees… “How many of you noticed that your mind got quieter?” Most hands went up again.

From here, I knew I could get through the workshop in spite of the traffic noise.

So, I want to ask you a question…

What if I told you that having an active mind in meditation is normal? Would this take the pressure off your meditation experience?

Having lots of thoughts in meditation can indicate you’re successfully releasing stress.

If you missed my post about how relieved I was when I got my meditation brainwaves analyzed, the big takeaway was that even though I thought my mind was too busy,  I was still in a meditation state.

Having an active mind in meditation does not take away from the benefits of meditation (thank goodness).

At times your mind might feel like a busy intersection.

But, even when your mind is noisier than you want during meditation, there’s an underlying relaxation taking place, and you are still benefiting greatly from the practice.

Every time you meditate (whether it’s a silent mantra-based practice, a breathing awareness meditation, a guided meditation, or self-Reiki), you are cultivating the meditative state in your nervous system.

You’re strengthening Presence (to me an essential aspect of practicing Reiki)

Over time, you’ll notice all sorts of benefits from taking just a few minutes daily to tap into the power of your inner awareness.

Meditation can:

  • Enhance your intuition to experience greater flow in your life
  • Deepen and improve your relationships with family and friends
  • Reduce reactivity and anger
  • Clear your mind of excess stress and worry
  • Deepen your connection to Reiki (or any spiritual practice)
  • Experience greater well-being
  • Clarify your vision for your life and open your mind to infinite possibilities

Ultimately, a daily practice of meditation creates the greatest shift in your life, but any amount of meditation is beneficial.

I shared this and other insights during this mountain retreat. People stopped me throughout the festival to tell me how impactful my workshop was for them—even people who had been meditating for a long time.

So, I”m excited to offer faster access to Primordial Sound Meditation. You no longer have to wait a year to join a Zoom workshop. You can schedule your mantra instruction in the next month.

Just click here for details and a link to get on the waitlist

Trusting in the Universe,

Oh, and here’s a picture of the tent (at least it was pretty, and the weather cooperated).

Lisa Guyman Meditation Class

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