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Anything is Possible

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Anything is Possible – the Universe is a Synchronous Place

What was reconfirmed for me over the holidays (through a synchronistic event) is that anything is possible. I believe things came together for a few reasons: One, there was a strong intention (or desire) present. Two, there was an openness to possibility. Three, action was taken. We can apply these three practices/principles to our everyday goals and dreams.

Nurture Your Intentions – We can consciously set a course for our lives through our intention and desire. We plant seeds in the fertile ground of consciousness when we work with our intentions and desires (as Deepak Chopra talks about in the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success). We can apply this principle by stating our intentions on a daily, weekly, monthly and on an as-needed basis. We simply state/intend what we want in our lives (and then let go). We can write our intentions down, think them silently or speak them out loud. (I do a combination of all of these).

Remain Open– When we remain open to the possibility that our desires can be fulfilled without knowing how this would happen – we’re in a powerful place. The practice of openness is embraced every time we focus on what we want (without getting bogged down in how it will come to fruition). Even if something is highly improbable, it is still possible. Two years ago, I had the desire to get published. I kept focusing on the energy and enjoyment of writing without worrying about how I could get published. And voila, I received an email from a woman looking for one additional author to contribute to the book, Sacred Healing.

Take Action – Of course, another key is taking action (concrete steps toward what we want) and responding to opportunities. Opportunities can present themselves in unexpected ways. And often, we won’t feel completely ready for them. This is not to say that we need to say yes to anything that comes our way. But instead, to stay alert and act or at least explore what comes our way. This may mean interviewing for that job even though you don’t feel fully qualified, committing to take on a volunteer role that seems over your head, etc.

What a powerful way to live – to state our desires and intentions, to stay open and to take action. Wishing you a new year filled with success, peace and possibility.

Our synchronistic holiday event: My mom had been paying two mortgages for a year in the tight Michigan market. She was forced to take her home off the market in November to refinance (unlikely she’d sell without being listed – right!). I expressed before visiting that I really wanted to complete the moving process. On Dec. 27, a realtor called for a showing and my mom’s response was “no, I’m not ready to show my house today”. I overheard and insisted that she call back. We then worked feverously to get ready and by 11pm that day the deal was done! The buyer was leaving town the next morning.

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