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Is The Story You Are Telling Yourself Causing Greater Stress? Just For Today, Do Not Worry

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Through the principles of Reiki, you can experience less stress and greater happiness.


One of the Reiki principles is …“Just for Today, Do Not Worry.”

What if you could eradicate worry or stop it in its tracks?


What would that be like?


Take a moment, if you can, to imagine how you would feel if you released all worry…


Worry is essentially a fearful story you are telling yourself about the future. Byron Katie would say, “Stop scaring yourself. “


As I imagine being free from worry, I feel a sense of greater peace coming over me, a sense of lightheartedness, leaving behind a sense of time pressure, overwhelm, and negative what-ifs.


It’s unrealistic to expect ourselves to never worry again, but with awareness, we can catch ourselves when we are in the midst of worry and ask, “How is this serving me?” and refocus our minds on something else.


“Just for today, do not worry” is one of the five principles of Reiki established by the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui.


Relinquishing excessive worry is a life-changing practice.


A friend of mine who went through a very stressful time imagined the worst possible outcomes (as many of us have found ourselves doing at times). And this “worry,” this negative imagining, was responsible for creating some of (or perhaps all of) her distress.


As Byron Katie, the founder of The Work, contends, ‘It’s our thoughts about things (and situations) that create stress, not the things themselves.’


After my friend got through the situation, she said it wouldn’t have occurred to her (without our conversations) that she could choose not to think (a.k.a. worry) about the troubling situation and instead put her attention elsewhere.


The stress was diminished through a change in where she placed her attention, and she emerged with a new appreciation for life and the power of awareness.


The fact is the mind cannot hold onto two contrary feelings/thoughts at one time.


When you find yourself worrying reproductively, you can switch gears by shifting into present-moment awareness (tune into your senses/your body), reminding yourself that you are truly okay right now, thinking constructively (or taking action or journaling) about the issue, or focusing on something else entirely!


I invite you to invoke the first principle of Reiki, “Just for today, I will not worry,” and put it into practice and notice how different your day feels.



Wishing you a day filled with present-moment awareness, gratitude, and love!





The Five Reiki Principles


Nearly ALL of our stress, fear, and anxiety is future-based. When we move our awareness into the now, we move into a place of presence and power, which is much better energy for fueling our goals, vision, and productive daily actions and thoughts…

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Know that every day, you have the opportunity to restart and reset. Revisiting the principles of Reiki is a way to do just that. Fuel a more positive way of interacting with life by working with the principles of Reiki.


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