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Carrying Forth the Wisdom of David Simon, M.D.

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Carrying Forth the Wisdom of David Simon, M.D.


This month I wanted to honor the wisdom of David Simon, M.D. who transitioned on January 31. 2012. I took numerous courses with David Simon at The Chopra Center. I was always touched by his ability to connect at the soul level and awaken the heart. He was a masterful storyteller and he will be missed.

David Simon, M.D. co-founded The Chopra Center with Deepak Chopra, M.D. Together they created the programs of The Chopra Center that have touched thousands of lives. In the words of Deepak “he was my friend, partner, teacher, trusted colleague and younger brother for more than 20 years. His wisdom, courage and love will continue to inspire all of us for decades to come.”

Early on in his diagnosis David Simon said “If I could convey a single message it would be to tell people in your life that you love them right now. I’ve shared the final days with patients moving through their transition and time and again they say to me “it’s all about love. It always has been about love. Love is the only thing that’s real.”

From David’s book “Free to Love, Free to Heal he said: “I often ask my patients struggling with a life issue, ‘Do you deserve to be happy?’ More often than not, I receive a tenuous answer. ‘I’d like to say I do, but I’m not so sure’ is a fairly typical response. Or I may hear, ‘I can’t remember anyone in my life ever telling me it’s my right to be happy.” Well, if you haven’t heard it before, hear it now: YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY!”

He went on to say “how, then, do we move from a state of constriction to a state of ever greater freedom and happiness? The first step towards genuine awakening is setting the intention . . . deciding to live a life that reflects your right to happiness.”

 A Glimpse of Additional Teachings of David Simon, M.D.

As conveyed in the tribute video David taught that “before a word passes from our lips we should ask ourselves the question “is it true? is it necessary? is it kind?”

He also said “It’s amazing how much transformation can take place if we are open to the possibility.. . . He said ask yourself the question “What am I holding onto from my past that’s no longer serving me?. Much of what we carry with us is really a choice. And we can make a new choice. Why not create something that is wonderful”

Thank you to all of you for your light, for your brilliance. May you be inspired to clear away anything that is holding you back, anything that gets in the way of you being your beautiful radiant self.

Wishing you the best, in happiness and well being. With Love.


In gratitude to David Simon for the sharing of your light in the world.



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