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Creating Peace in the Midst of Chaos

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Peace in the Midst of Chaos 
We all have the ability to connect with that part of ourselves that is calm and peaceful and trusts in the flow of life. It’s often not far at all. In fact, it can come in the very next moment because most of the time it’s just beneathe the surface chaos.

However, at times, it can feel that peace of mind is a million miles away. In our society, we are often going, going, going and this leads to feeling overwhelmed and stressed. We need to pause in order to reconnect with a semblance of peace.

Underneathe the stress of daily life (that is compounded by doing too much and worrying about things we can’t control) there is a reservoir of peace. It’s just a matter of stopping so that we can tap into it.

The most effective ways I’ve found to quiet the mind and body (and emotions) are: 

  • meditation (How to meditate/10 tips for meditation)
  • movement exercise, gentle yoga
  • spending time outdoors
  • Reiki
  • EFT (emotional freedom technique which you can explore at,
  • have an authentic conversation with a friend
  • and learn not to take life or yourself so seriously.

So think about how you can slow down and lessen your load and also think about what things help you find your center, your sense of calm. And if you need a jump start consider additional resources (such as Reiki, meditation, etc) and know that peace isn’t that far away.

Wishing you the best.

Quote of the month:  “The greatest contribution we can make to the well being of those in our lives is to have peace in our own hearts. Our state of being broadcasts expansion or contraction to every sentient creature within our midst. When our hearts are filled with gratitude and our minds are brimming with enthusiasm, everyone we encounter leaves our space feeling a little bit lighter than when they entered it.” David Simon, M.D.

 Relaxation/Meditation Exercise: Sit comfortably and close your eyes and begin by putting your attention on your breath. Just watch your breath, just observe your breath, no need to change your breathing at all. As you are observing your breath know that thoughts will come and that you’ll notice sounds around you. Whenever this happens just gently turn your awareness back to watching your breath. No judgement, no force, no trying, no concentration – just allow yourself to be with your breath.

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