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Embracing and Living in Possiblity

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February 2005, Volume I, Issue II – “Embracing and Living in Possibility”

by Lisa Guyman

Quote of the Month:

As far as life situation is concerned, there may be things to be attained or acquired. Yet on a deeper level you are already complete and when you realize that, there is a playful, joyous energy behind what you do. You no longer pursue goals with grim determination, driven by fear, anger, discontent, or the need to become someone. Nor will you remain inactive through fear of failure.  When your deeper sense of self is derived from Being, when you are free of “becoming”, neither your happiness nor your sense of self depends on the outcome.”   Eckhart Tolle.

A Note from Lisa Guyman:  Last year, when I was in the midst of deep self- exploration, I wrote a speech. It was entitled: “What is your life worth to you?” The ultimate message that came out of it for me was: “no one is waiting for you. No one is waiting for you to live your dreams and no one will ensure that you live to your potential or create the life you really want to live.” And although I was sad while I was having this epiphany, I felt liberated too. I realized I had to create a space in my life to tend to my dreams and to my heart’s desires. I wouldn’t be rescued and no one would lead the way for me.

Our relationships do bring great love, support, encouragement and enrichment into our lives, propelling us forward and often shining light into dark times, but our lives, our dreams are truly up to us (and our partnership with the universe).

Note: I was featured in Deepak Chopra’s Newsletter, Namaste, in January. Click here to read The Chopra Center’s Newsletter!

Overcoming Stumbling Blocks to Growth:

Last month, I talked about the importance of creating a vision for our lives and the importance in taking concrete action. When we do both, we can grow in quantum leaps. Life would be grand if it was all seamless and easy, but we often get in our own way. Here are some suggestions to work with the common challenges that come up:

  • Release Your Limits: There are endless possibilities open to you and you can choose to embrace them. If you released your limitations and your self-doubt, what would your life look like?
  • Utilize the Power of Intention and Visualization, otherwise you are missing out. If your vision is limited, chances are your outcome will be too. Write-out your desires and goals and then glance at them regularly before meditation or sleep. And then let go.
  • Connect with Source: Take time to go within, to meditate. The Source has infinite organizing power and by tapping into it we can “do less and accomplish more.”
  • Ask Spirit to Guide You: Ask the Universe to guide you to unfolding your higher possibilities. Be alert to signs and synchronicities and themes that are emerging in your life; this is Spirit guiding you.
  • Pause to Evaluate Your Life: You’re life is likely very busy. As a result of this, you may wake up next year in exactly the same place you are now. Make it a point to check-in on your life to see if it needs a course correction.
  • Let Go of the How: Think about what you want to create or attract, but let go of the details of exactly how this will unfold.
  • Reduce Overwhelm: If you notice yourself holding your breath and feeling that you are behind and that you need to catch up, remind yourself that you can’t live your life (or figure it out) in one day, so don’t try. Instead, focus on the day or week in front of you.
  • Give Yourself Downtime: If you are ceaselessly striving, you’ll be exhausted and life won’t be fun. No matter what is up for you, even if it feels like a life crisis, take time off from working on the solution. Play. Yes, sometimes, joyful distraction is exactly what we need.
  • Talk with People who are Positive: Don’t share your dreams with a naysayer. Share your dreams and ideas and brainstorm with wise and supportive friends and colleagues.
  • Take Action that is in harmony with your dreams and desires. If you’re waiting for a sign or crystal clarity; you may wait for a long time. We often find our way by taking it.

Focus of the Month:

Observe your patterns and notice how you get derailed from your vision and goals. First comes awareness, and then comes change.

Humorous Insight:

I like this quote by George Carlin: “I don’t think positive thinking is a very good idea” Why do I like this quote? Because positive thinking can be overdone and if we gloss over negative feelings with positive affirmations it can be like putting a clear coat over moldy paint – it can seal the present reality. In truth, sometimes we need to feel downright awful to make a change.

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