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Embracing “the Now” in the Season

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Embracing “the Now” in the Season
The holidays are upon us! This can create a flurry of activity and a world of emotion. Creating a better inner experience during the season depends on us focusing on the good, softening “into the now” and letting go of perfection.

At the holidays (as always) we can choose to focus on abundance (what is good, what we have) or we can choose to focus on lack. And we all know that life feels much better when we focus on what is working instead of what isn’t! Focus on the good and the season will light up for you and for those around you.

When we go beyond focusing on the good to “the now” we can share even more light. On a nearly ongoing basis we evaluate what is happening i.e. “this is good”, “this is wonderful” “this is not good,” “this shouldn’t be happening,” etc. When we truly bring our awareness into “the now” we go beyond evaluation and our inner light shines even more.

In “the now” we connect with the vibrant stillness inside of us. We connect with our inner being, with all that is, to Source, to God within. Isn’t that the essence of the season? Honoring our spiritual path (whatever it might be) and awakening the light within us?

If we remind ourselves to return to “the now” we can move beyond the past (which is no longer happening) and move beyond the future (which has yet to happen) and soften into “the now.” In the light of “the now” we enjoy life so much more and offer greater love to all those around us.

On a practical note letting go of perfection is also key in enjoying the holidays (and life) more. We don’t have to get everything done that we intended to. We don’t have to get the perfect gift or attend every event that we plan on. We can give ourselves (and everyone around us) the freedom to be perfeclty imperfect and to make the most nourishing choices in the moment.
My wish for you is abundance, present moment awareness and freedom to be you….during the holidays and in the New Year!

 All the best!

How to Get into “the Now”
 First off, I’d highly recommend reading any of Eckhart Tolle’s books or listening to any of his audios.

One of the simplest practices I’ve found for to bring myself into “the now” is simply putting my awareness on my breath. The body can only be in the present moment. The body can’t be in the past or future. This simple shift of awareness can help us relax into the present moment.

Another practice is to become aware of the subtle energy flowing within our bodies. Eckhart calls it our “inner body.” Bringing our awareness to this inner energy helps us to get into the now and into a state of greater calm.

A third practice is to truly listen i.e. listen without planning what we are going to say next or or drifting off into our own thoughts. Having the awareness on the breath or the “inner body” while engaged in conversation helps us be more present to those around us.

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