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Emotions as Messengers from Your Soul

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April 2005, Volume I, Issue 4
“Don’t Shoot the Messenger – Emotions as Messengers from Your Soul”

by Lisa Guyman

A Note from Lisa

It has been said that the cause of all suffering is to want things to be different than they are. For most of us, life is pretty good, but often we want something we don’t have or have something we don’t want. If we can embrace who we are and where we are in this moment, we can experience peace. So take a moment and appreciate your life as it is.

Shifting from Blah to Bliss

Reasons Why We Don’t Feel Good:

We don’t believe we can have what we really want. This makes us feel powerless and that puts us at the bottom rung of emotion.

We think about what we don’t want to have happen i.e. we worry. For example, “I don’t want to: work so hard, be alone, be in debt, etc.” Worry is putting energy toward what we don’t want and since we attract whatever we predominantly focus on, negative thinking is a bad practice.

We ‘need’ to feel bad so that we’ll look at our lives, get help, make some changes and come back into alignment. In Emotional Genius, Karla McClaren offers some very powerful questions we can use to access the wisdom within our emotions.

How to Feel Good:

Focus on what you love about your present life, instead of what is lacking.

Keep a check on your emotions. When you notice yourself sliding down because of negative thoughts, take note and look for thoughts that are more positive (or shift your attention to something you already feel good about).

Write out some positive thought phrases or affirmations that are pertinent to whatever you want to shift and look at these on a daily basis.

Look for evidence that your dream is possible. You can look for reasons why something is or isn’t possible so why not choose possibility? Look to people who are living their dreams, who are abundant, who have happy relationships, who radiate what you want.

Think about what you really want because you can have it. Yes, dream. Imagine how having this new reality would look and feel.

Do what inspires and feeds your soul. Carve out time for yourself and what you love to do.

Practice good self-care i.e. limit TV, relax, eat well, exercise, laugh, surround yourself with positive and supportive people, take time for solitude, get professional help when needed, get good sleep, meditate, and revel in some pleasure everyday. Notice what energizes you and who/what drains you and make adjustments accordingly.

Give yourself some love. Recognize all the love around you and all the wonderful people in your life. Give and get hugs. And even, hug yourself and tell yourself “I love you.” It really does feel good.

Know this is a cosmic play so don’t take each scene so seriously. Learn to step back and witness yourself and the other players.

Book Recommendation

Ask and It is Given by Jerry and Esther Hicks is an incredible book. The foundational philosophy is that we can be or have whatever we want and it is just a matter of getting out of our way and working with the law of attraction (i.e. we attract whatever we focus on). What I love about the book is that it offers 22 processes for shifting ourselves away from the negative and into a more positive and empowered place. When we are connected to source and truly in our power we enjoy life more and manifest our desires more easily.

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