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The enormous task of clutter clearing my Mom’s house

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Filling Up By Emptying

I’m reviving from the enormous amount of work I did over holiday ‘break’ and the stresses that mounted between my mom and I. You see this wasn’t my usual visit. I was destined to clear out the basement of my mom’s house so she can put it on the market (after living there for 44 years). She’s always been there for me and for this project she really needed me.

For nearly 22 straight days, I awoke, had coffee, put rubber gloves on (and a mask) and went down to the basement to sort, purge, pack and move stuff. Fortunately after 10 days of tireless work and moving an entire Uhaul of arts and crafts out, Gary came to my rescue, emotionally (I now had a partner in crime) and physically (I couldn’t do this by myself). He was also able to see the larger picture and what all needed to be done.

I didn’t think I necessarily needed help, but clearly I did. It took Gary nearly 3 hours just to take the trash out on the first morning. Then he put in another 42 hours (alongside me) after that! My brother also helped out where he could (and was destined to finish the garage when I left). Nearly 80 bags of trash, plus a giant dumpster, and 7 truckloads to the Salvation Army later – the basement was emptied.

So when do we need help? When do we need an outside perspective to help us clear out our stuff (literally and figuratively)? And is our stuff getting in our way and taking over our lives?

It’s just so easy to get bogged down by our stuff (material and emotional i.e. hanging onto the past, hanging onto a lifestyle that isn’t satisfying us, hanging onto a certain idea about how our future should look, etc.) and to forget that we have this unique opportunity to navigate this magical journey of our lives.

There is something to be said for emptying first, letting go, clearing out. There is also something to be said for getting the support and assistance from a friend, a life coach, counselor, a contractor, etc. Sometimes we’re just too close to things to see the bigger picture and sometimes there is just too much work to be done.

But the good thing is that we can create a clearing in our lives and we can start anew.

I wish for you emptying and fullness and much love in this New Year.

“Life is what happens when we’re busy making other plans.”  — John Lennon

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