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Making the Most of the Holidays

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Ideas for Making the Most of the Season
The holidays can bring a mix of feelings. We can feel uplifted and grateful and we can also feel overwhelmed or down. And yet no matter what we are feeling we can choose to reframe the holidays and make the most of this time of year.

So here are some ideas for simplifying the holidays, minimizing stress and experiencing greater joy:

  • Focus on what you DO LIKE about the holidays (the beautiful lights, seeing friends and/or family, traveling, giving to others, staying in town, having time off, holiday treats, etc.).
  • Be easy on yourself and others. Don’t expect to be perfectly happy and filled with holiday cheer if you’re not.
  • Let go of having to find the perfect gift or the perfect anything for that matter.
  • If certain situations bring you down then do something different. Allow yourself to say ‘yes’ ‘maybe’ or ‘no’ to invitations and also allow yourself to change your mind.
  • Limit your spending.
  • Reserve some energy for things you that will rejuvenate you. Luxuriate in whatever way suits you (reading a book, attending yoga, massage, hanging with friends, talking on the phone, or not talking, etc.)
  • Realize that many people welcome life getting back to normal. You are not alone.

When we simplify our expectations about the holidays we lighten up and can find ourselves enjoying the small and the great gifts of the season.

Wishing you, your loved ones and your families a peaceful holiday season filled with love and possibility.


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