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Choice Points

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How to Move out of the Habitual & Begin Focusing More Energy on What Matters


I’m spending a great deal of time at my Moms these days (see my update on her below). And while at her place, one of the programs we watched is Shark Tank. In this TV show enterprising individuals present their businesses in an effort to seek financial investment and expertise from the “sharks” five venture capitalists.


One of the venture capitalists, Robert Herjavec, made a statement that hit home with me and said something along the lines of: Every moment we choose to do one thing we are choosing not to do another. It’s simple and true.


His comment was in response to an entrepreneur that needed to not scatter his energies and attention (among too many projects and competing interests), and yet it’s a principle that can be universally applied in life.


His words began echoing in my consciousness. I’d find myself starting to check the news on my phone or logging into social media (and other habitual acts), and I’d literally recite his words internally and ask myself, “What am I doing? (or what am I about to do?). And what am I not doing that I could be doing instead?” I started naming these moments “choice points.”


Since I started identifying choice points, my time “online” has decreased a great deal, particularly in social media, and news (though it’s still a work in progress). And I’ve focused on work tasks, productivity, meditation, and reading actual books. I’ve also started putting my phone away (and in “do not disturb” mode more often) so I can be more engaged and present with those around me.


Observing choice points can help us redirect our energies and ultimately live a more fulfilling life. We often value something (in our minds) like spiritual growth, well-being, fitness, creativity, relationship, and contribution and yet do not carve out the time needed to enhance that area of our lives.


What do you want to value in your life via your action and attention?


Start noticing throughout the day “what you are doing” and ponder “what’s the thing you aren’t doing because of it?”


On a recent morning, I was at home and “in the flow,” i.e. working productively, and I looked at the clock and realized it was either time to get ready for Yoga or continue working. That’s a choice point. I was more inclined to stay “on task” yet I went to yoga because it was the better choice for my well-being (and ultimately for my work).


Whenever you are browsing the internet or on social media, you are choosing to not to do something else.


This very moment is a CHOICE POINT. You are “choosing” to read this instead of something else.

“Every moment we choose one thing, we are choosing not to do another.”

Perhaps this adjustment to your thinking can help you prioritize moment to moment in a different way. And bring more presence into each moment.

Enjoy your day. And the choices you make!


Updates on My Mom – 

My Mom truly is a resilient and amazing Spirit. She is doing very well. Her doctor in August 2016 referred her to hospice and privately told me that “six months” would be “very generous.” It’s been Nine months, and my Mom is still doing very well.

I’m sure one thing that has helped my Mom immensely is the love around her. 24/7, she is with someone that she loves and that loves her. And secondly, she doesn’t dwell on the negative or on her decline. We’re still even taking her out for meals and scenic drives. She is still without pain. We are blessed in many ways!

In all of life, we only truly can engage in the moment we are in. This has forced us all to slow down, enjoy the simple things, appreciate the gifts and challenges of the moment, and take things day by day.

Knowing that at the deepest level, all is well. And letting anything go that isn’t love.


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