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Making a Difference

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Making a Difference 
I vote, but mostly in the Presidential elections unless there is an issue I feel strongly about. I wouldn’t consider myself an activist. I’ve never campaigned about issues. I have my ideas that I share with a few close friends and that’s about it.

Well this month changed that and I found it particularly energizing. It all started with my friend Nancy. She encountered something that she thought was not right and she emailed the local newspaper and news stations. She got a response and CBS filmed the story.

I showed up to support her and support a policy change. As I was standing there with the media and talking to the public I was so energized; we were doing something really positive. We were doing a public service by informing people of an issue that there was very little awareness around. We also had a petition and got about 80 signatures in two hours.

Only a handful of people walked by without stopping; they said they were too busy. (Yep, I’ve done the same thing before and now I won’t). But most people stopped and listened or took a flyer and then came back out to sign our petition. Many people thanked us for bringing this issue to their attention. It shows that if we have an idea and we pursue it and it’s about service and public good – we can make our voices

What’s to happen next – I don’t know. There is a public commission meeting in March, which we’ll attend. We don’t know where it will go from here, but that we’ll take the next steps to move the cause forward. Our goal is to stay focused on the larger picture and the changes we’d like to see and go from there.

It’s actually exciting to be an activist of sorts. And although it’s creating some additional work and taking some free time, it’s actually kind of fun. It’s amazing how passion can fuel us on. So be open to taking action and supporting causes, ideas and organizations (new or existing) that resonate with you, you just might enjoy it.

And remember, we do already make a difference in the world by who we are, by how we show up, and by the ways we contribute both large and small in our everyday lives. Here’s to you and the difference that you make.

Lisa Guyman, March 2007

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