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“Nobody Told Me There’d be Days Like This” – An Article on Covid-19 – May 1, 2020

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“Nobody Told Me There’d Be Days Like These. Strange Days, Indeed” (John Lennon) – an article by Lisa Guyman published May 1, 2020.

It’s hard to fathom all the changes that have taken place in the last several weeks and the far-reaching impact of this pandemic.

Most of us have had to rework our lives significantly and some of us radically. Some of us have it pretty easy and others are in great need. We are facing unknowns and some of us very challenging scenarios. And it’s a terribly difficult time for those that have lost a loved one or who have a loved one hospitalized or in a nursing home during this pandemic. My heart goes out to you.

Just before meditation when things were really sinking in . . . I read a poem aloud to my housemate that touched my soul and seemed to say it all “Lockdown”. Unexpectedly, I burst into tears. It made me wonder, like the author, amidst all the loss and stress, if this pandemic is ultimately about shifting humanity and waking us up to what really matters – each other and the earth and how we are living our lives.

I’ve been inspired and touched by stories across the globe of compassion, kindness, devotion, bravery, hard-work and dedication. The stories are countless: an all volunteer millennial start-up delivering groceries and prescriptions across the US; a formerly homeless individual installing portable sinks for the homeless, a navy captain that spoke out to protect his crew (and was subsequently and undeservedly fired and then reinstated) and people sewing masks by the thousands to give to hospitals. I’m grateful for those working the frontlines in countless capacities. And I can’t say enough about the dedication of medical professionals that are risking (and sadly some losing) their lives to save strangers.

I’ve had my moments of shock, stress and major adjustment (being self-employed and having months of classes cancelled). I’ve had moments of heartbreak (seeing a post by a physician asking for prayers as he himself was needing critical care for Covid-19 and doesn’t have any family in the US). I’ve also had moments of utmost wonder and peace (feeling like things have harkened back to a more beautiful and simpler time). But boy do I ever miss uncovered smiles and hugs and meals in close quarters with friends.

I hope you are safe and healthy and that your loved ones are, too. I hope you are navigating these new and unusual times with ease.

We will emerge on the other side of this, I hope inexplicably changed for the better. It’s truly a time to ponder life, what really matters and to reach out in love!

I’ll end with the words of the Dalai Lama: ‘If there is something to be done-do it, without any need to worry; if there’s nothing to be done, worrying about it further will not help.”

The light in me bows to the light in you (from at least six feet away) and knows we are all one.


Strange days, indeed.


Self-Care in the Time of Covid-19

How is your self-care? What are you up to? Are you nourishing your soul, taking time to just be, getting some movement, unplugging completely at times, getting in touch with the beauty of nature?

Know that anytime you move toward a place of peace, every time you meditate, connect with the love in your heart, practice present moment awareness, show compassion, practice Reiki, laugh wholeheartedly or enjoy the beauty of nature, you raise the vibration of this beautiful planet.

What I’m up to at this time: I’ve been walking a ton (freed of the guilt of not going to the gym which is closed, lol). I’m teaching Reiki (online) enjoying time with my housemates (my lovely long-time friend, Donna, her husband, and their dog, Cooper). We all meditate together when it lines up (even Cooper). I’m making kitchari (a super healthy Ayurvedic dish) in the Instant Pot and dare I say I made black bean brownies (and they were really good). I’ve also been gathering with friends and family on FaceTime and Zoom (such a blessing to be able to connect via video these days).

On the work front I’m developing online programs and fine-tuning my Reiki and meditation trainings for Zoom.

What is interesting for me personally is that I had been intently brainstorming for several months on what online programs I could offer.

And bam . . . the coronavirus hit!

The pandemic cancelled my March and May classes in Texas and Michigan, my May classes in Seattle and my April classes in Denver. I’m hoping we all have a reprieve this Summer and classes can be back in session (in-person).

The weekend before last I taught my very first full-fledged Reiki workshop on Zoom. I had eight lovely students. Want to read about the experience and hear what students had to say? – Click here!

Update …

You can join me online for a Reiki class online LIVE or in Denver, Colorado or Birmingham, Michigan. You can also learn Primordial Sound Meditation online.

Learn about my Reiki workshop here

Learn about my Primordial Sound Meditation workshop here.


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