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Nourishing our Dreams

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Spring is a time of renewal and growth and can be a time of celebration. Robin Williams put it perfectly: “spring is nature’s way of saying let’s party!”

One way to experience renewal in our lives is to re-energize our dreams and aspirations. This means getting clear on what we want, asking ourselves how this new reality will make us feel and just as importantly allowing ourselves to experience the feeling of accomplishment and celebration in the now.

I heard this quote the other day: “How would you feel if your wish were already realized?”

When I ask myself that question (while envisioning and experiencing it) I find that I immediately feel happier and more relaxed. Ask yourself this question and see what your experience is.

We can start experiencing the feeling of our desired outcomes now. We don’t have to wait for the outer manifestations to be crystallized before we feel good. Our part in the manifestation process is to visualize what we want, get into the feeling of it and take inspired actions.

All the while we want to remember that life is too short to delay our happiness until some future event happens. Life is about enjoying the journey after all! And we all know we enjoy life a great deal more when we appreciate the moment just as it is.

May your dreams spring forth with ease and grace!


Thoughts from the Universe

“A main “Criterion of Consciousness” for the human experience is never having all you want. For as one dream comes true, another swiftly takes its place. Not having all you want is one of life’s constants.”

“And learning to be happy while not yet having all you want is the first “Criterion of Joy.” Mike Dooley Thoughts from the Universe.

Yep, it’s all about enjoying the journey.

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