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What could go right or what is the good here if I change my approach or attitude?

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Ways to Shift Our Perspective

Have you noticed that when you have a positive attitude, things flow for you, people are nice and life is good? Have you also noticed that when you are in a negative headspace, things don’t go as smoothly, people aren’t so nice and life is challenging?

Life is more about our perspective and approach then about objective reality. Several years ago, there was major traffic disruption in San Francisco and it was taking commuters close to three hours to get to work. Reporters were interviewing people stuck in the traffic jam and were discovering very different reactions to it.

One commuter who was noticeably irritated by the traffic jam commented to the reporters: “I’m so frustrated living here. I’m wasting all this time. This is terrible. I should move out of this city.”

Another commuter, looking surprisingly delighted, commented: “This is terrific. I finally have some time to listen to my audio books. I’m really making use of this extra time. ”

Was this traffic jam a good or bad situation? It was neither because it depended on who you asked.

Put another way, our perspective and our attitude towards life creates our resulting experience. Whenever you find yourself struggling through life or with a specific situation the questions below can help you see things differently:

  • What am I telling myself about this experience?
  • What could I tell myself instead?
  • What could go right or what is the good here if I change my approach or attitude?
  • Can I look at this from another perspective?
  • Could the opposite be true?

We can choose to look at the positive instead of the negative in almost any situation allowing us to re-frame both the little and big things in our lives and allowing us to enjoy the ride more.


Quote of the Month:  “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Wayne Dyer


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