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Lightworkers Ignite Guided Meditations: How It Started

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Announcing Lightworkers Ignite: Guided Meditation

Our injured world is calling out for love and healing right now.

It’s our opportunity, our time, to answer that call.

As a peaceful, loving and caring citizen of planet earth, I am deeply saddened and disturbed by continued racism in the world, including the most recent horrific murder of a fellow human being, George Floyd. As you know it was his murder and the resultant grief and rage about the injustice of his death, at the knee of a police* officer, that set off a huge surge of demonstrations.

I am incredibly proud of, and humbled by, the vastness of peaceful protests across this country and all over the world. I pray that this marks a new beginning.

And I call on all of us to take whatever active part we can in helping to turn the tide toward healing, equality and right-action. I ask you to join with me.

Who is a Lightworker™?

Anyone who cares for the well-being of all humanity and seeks to make the world and the earth a better place for everyone. A Lightworker’s tools may include meditation, prayer, Reiki, intentional living, or loving-kindness practices. A Lightworker may be a healer, a person of service, and/or one who chooses to live mindfully with care and love for others.

What impact will Lightworkers Ignite have?

Every time we sit to meditate, pray or go within to a place of stillness, we help bring humanity and the planet forward and up. As we practice together from across the planet engage your own unique practice and/or send Reiki and healing energy to bridge divides, heal emotional wounds and elevate consciousness.

What to expect on this first Lightworkers Ignite virtual Zoom call?

We’ll spend nine minutes in sacred silence and then I’ll lead a short guided meditation to create greater coherence, understanding, empathy and peace.

Want to join future Lightworkers Ignite Zoom Calls? Click here for more information.

Ignite the light and bring healing to the world!





*Note: I have great respect for the police officers in this country that work with integrity and do the difficult work they do.These officers are distraught about what has been happening and want change, too. In gratitude.

“Love is the strongest force the world possesses.” Gandhi

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