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Questions to Ask of Your Emotions

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Questions to Ask of Your Emotions

by Lisa Guyman

Asking questions of your emotions is a powerful way of receiving guidance.

Resource: Emotional Genius by Karla McLaren is an excellent book on deciphering our emotions and restoring balance.  The information below is derived from this book.

(Keep in mind that your emotional state also reflects what you are focused upon.  If you are continually focusing on what isn’t working in your life or what is lacking, you’ll feel bad.  Often times we need to refocus our attention to what is well.  In Ask and It is Given, emotions are considered to directly indicate what we are attracting.  I highly recommend Ask and it is Given – Learning to Manifest Your Desiresby Esther and Jerry Hicks.  I actually believe it is a must)!

  • Anger (resentment, jealously, hatred, shame, guilt, boredom, apathy) tells us that proper boundaries should be  maintained or rebuilt. The questions to ask are: “What must be protected?” or “What must be restored?”
  • Guilt and Shame restore integrity, self-respect and proper behaviors. The questions to ask are: “Who has been hurt?” “What must be made right?”
  • Fear (worry, anxiety, panic, terror) is our vigor, intuition and our focused awareness of the world around us. The question to ask is: “What action must I take?”
  • Confusion (masking fear). By unmasking confusion you can revive your intuition and your instincts and discover what is preventing you from moving forward. Ask yourself whenever you are confused or indecisive about any choice: “What is my intention?” then ask “What action must I take?”
  • * Sadness restores flow, relaxation and rejuvenation to us. Both questions must be asked: “What must be released?” and “What must be restored?” (the second question removes the blockage).
  • Grief tells us the loss has already occurred. The question to ask is: “What must be mourned?”
  • Depression tells us that what we’re doing and where we’re going doesn’t match up with our inner desires. It is ingenious stagnation. The questions to ask: “Where has my energy gone?” and “Why did I send it away?”
  • Contentment tells us we’re living up to our own expectations, we’ve accomplished a goal and we’re aligned with our morals. Statement: “Thank you for renewing my faith in myself.“ Acknowledge this feeling and like all others let it go.
  • Happiness is anticipating a bright future. Thank your happiness for this up and celebratory feeling. Trust happiness to arise naturally as you continue to acknowledge, move through and act on the guidance of your emotions.
  • Joy comes forth when we feel communion and inspiration. Again acknowledge this feeling which shows you that you are honoring yourself. Continue to follow the light on your path and more joy is yours.
  • Exhilaration arises when we try to cement self in happiness. It is comprised on ungrounded, skittish, distracted and addictive behaviors. It is the flip side of depression and those same questions can be asked. Also ask yourself: “How can I get back in my body?”

Sit with the question until you see/hear/feel/know the answer. Notice the changes in your body and energy when you’ve gotten an answer. Our emotions let us know how to take care of ourselves and how to move in the direction of what we truly want.

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RESOURCE: Emotional Genius: How Emotions Can Save Your Life by Karla McLaren


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  1. Lisa Guyman says:

    Hi Greta, That has to be very, very tough. I’d highly recommend working with a counselor/therapist so you can sort this out. Very difficult situation you are in. Wishing you strength and courage as you work through this. Whenever a situation becomes too much for us to handle it makes sense to work with a professional that can serve as a guiding light. Wishing you the best. Lisa