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Reiki Principles for Daily Life

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One of the things I love about a New Year is that it feels like a New Beginning. And it is. The hustle and bustle of the holidays is behind us. And it’s a time of thinking about what we want to create or focus on in the New Year.


Yet our LIFE is made of MOMENTS. So while it’s valuable to have Dreams and Goals having a way to elevate our experience of day to day life is equally important.


Just like computers get bogged down when multiple programs are running we can get overloaded with concerns, tasks, and life in general. That’s why we benefit from practices that help us re-set and refresh our energy each day (yoga, meditation, exercise, Reiki).


I’ve personally found the Reiki Principles to be quite powerful (especially the first one “just for today I will not worry.”).


After all, most stress, fear, anxiety, postponement of happiness, and even lament is tied up in FUTURE based thinking. When we move our awareness into the NOW we move into a place of presence and power.


And THAT energy is far better for fueling our intentions, dreams, goals and for fueling our daily aims and actions! And for simply enjoying life.


The Reiki Principles work because they re-set our thinking and evoke a sense of reverence and contemplation. They move us into the now, into the moment. And that is where we create, anyway!

The Reiki Principles

  • Today I choose to be Free of Worry** (or Just for Today I will not Worry).
  • Today I choose to be Free of Anger or Impatience (or Just for Today I will not Anger).
  • Today I choose to Live with Gratitude and Love.
  • Today I choose to be Kind (and Compassionate) toward all, including myself.
  • Today I choose to Live and Work in Integrity and be of Service.
  • Engaging the Reiki principles (reading, remembering, listening and or reciting) is a practice in and of itself.


I’ve made modifications of the Reiki Principles and you’ll find other versions online (including on my site). The founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui, was said to have recited a version of the Reiki Principles daily.


*Note the Reiki Principles don’t operate like affirmations and that is why it is okay to use the word ‘not.’ They work instead by invoking contemplation.


** What if you could never worry again? How liberating would that be? When you do find yourself worrying think the words “Just for today (or just for this moment) I will not worry.” And notice what happens.



This is a meditative video so you’ll want to turn your attention inside and perhaps start by taking a few deep breaths to settle into the moment. Read the transcript.
The Reiki Principles help to bring the focus of our consciousness into the moment where we can experience a sense of liberation, quiet power and joy.


So dive in to that place within you that is Free.


What are you waiting for?

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