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Resistance Doesn’t Always Mean Retreat

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Resistance Doesn’t Always Mean Retreat 
During my yoga teacher training I was rooming with three others and they all wanted to attend a Satsang, an interactive spiritual talk, on the following night. I didn’t want to go. It was something totally new (the unknown) and I felt uncomfortable with the idea so resistance came up for me.

But, because the river was flowing so strongly in that direction, I decided there must be a reason. So instead of resisting the flow, I reluctantly got on board. I would have had to drive separately to the yoga training (a couple hours round trip) break with my little ‘family,’ and miss what could be a very cool experience. Also, Rob who was inviting us was so enthusiastic and positive that I said “alright.”

And to my surprise I was totally moved by the Satsang. I felt such a strong resonance with the teacher and the teachings. In fact so much so that I even scheduled a private consultation with him. The experience left me with an expanded sense of self and a sense of greater peace.

I was so glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone to experience something new. So just notice the next time you feel like retreating in the face of a new situation and check in with yourself. Sometimes, we feel resistance because it’s our intuition telling us that something (a seminar, a lecture, an opportunity, a party) isn’t for us, but sometimes it’s actually an invitation to move forward.

So step into the new, the unknown, you just might be very pleasantly surprised.


Lisa Guyman, Setpember 2007

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