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Stepping into the Now & Nourishing Possibility

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Stepping into the New & Nourishing Possibility – The Inner Land of Enchantment

Newsletter by Lisa Guyman

It’s been a while since I’ve written to you. I hope this finds you well!

I’ve been on a sabbatical of sorts and while I’ve been “away” I’ve been teaching Reiki and Meditation classes, learning, traveling, re-assimilating to life and stepping into the unknown. And I’ve been writing, a lot!

Discovery often arises when we access new parts of ourselves by stepping into the unknown whether it’s through taking a new course, traveling, delving deeper into our present faculties or requiring ourselves to show up differently in our lives.

In November I went to a four-day book-writing intensive in Sedona.This was an immersion into pure unscripted writing in a land of enchantment.

There was a convergence of sorts that happened on that trip. Not only did I bump into people I hadn’t seen in years — I bumped into myself and discovered a part of myself that I didn’t know existed.

At the workshop we were instructed to write continuously. A bell was chimed every fifteen minutes for a word count.Too few words meant we had moved into analysis, to our thinking minds, and we had to re-set.

At a certain point the flow of content for my non-fiction book was complete and it meant I had finished a first draft. At the retreat once a first draft was finalized it was called a “book.” Here was the catch. We didn’t get to soak it in. instead, we were instructed to began another book, immediately.

I thought: “A second book??? I don’t have any idea what to write about. It was hard enough to write non-stop these last few days. I’ll just have to pretend I’m writing.”

Then I remembered an idea that occurred to me years earlier (while I was on a flight). It was a fiction concept for a children’s book. With a feeling of nervousness and skeptical internal dialogue running along the lines of “I don’t have any idea where this story would even begin let alone where it would lead or if I’m even capable of writing fiction” I simply began.

To my surprise the content flowed readily with emotion and twists and turns and humor. And it was actually fun. What started as a fiction book for children morphed into what seems to be a fiction book for adults with a spiritual message.

The most profound thing about the weekend wasn’t anything external, like spectacular scenery, nor the mystical Uber driver, nor spending time with my amazing friend Robin — it was meeting myself in a new way and experiencing that part of me that was/is writing fiction.

There is pleasure in stretching ourselves and going outside our present bounds which often means moving through resistance and self-doubt. I invite you to color outside your present lines. This can be in an external fashion such as creating a new and meaningful habit or enrolling in a class or perhaps it’s simply pushing past inertia. Or it could be more internal like deeply practicing meditation or Reiki. Or perhaps the stretch is one of surrendering the story of how things should be and stepping into the power of how they are.

When we move beyond our present bounds we can meet ourselves and life anew and can come into contact with our inner aliveness, innocence and a sense of possibility.

With Love and Possibility,


I’ll keep you posted. You’ll be the first to know if and when I move from draft to publication on one (or both) of my books! I’m also feeling called to record a meditation CD. We’ll see what unfolds this year!

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