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Synchronicities and the Beautiful Interconnectedness of Life by Lisa Guyman

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Synchronicities show us the amazing and beautiful interconnectedness of life!


Yesterday, I popped into a coffee shop to edit a draft about synchronicity with stories from the past, and much to my surprise the synchronicities of the day took centerstage and caused me to rewrite the article.


Lisa Guyman writer


I’m in the midst of wrapping up four years of living back in Michigan. In just ten days I hit the road and move back Colorado. In the interim a trip synchronized out of thin air for the 4th of July. This special trip offers a beautiful sense of closure and a lovely trip down memory lane.


My brother and I are going Up North tomorrow. “Up North” is what Michigander’s call any city a few hours north of Detroit. Growing up, our family was graced with a standing invitation to our friend’s cottage* on Lake Michigan for Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and New Year’s Eve. We’d also make additional trips for ski and sailing weekends (my Dad was part of the “Fury” crew for intense and long-distance sailing races).


View from the Lake Michigan cottage…



What precipitated this trip Up North is enjoying the cottage, releasing our Mom and Dad’s ashes in Northern Michigan and spending time with our dear family friends.


Yesterday morning when I packed my car for the trip, I put my Mom’s ashes in the passenger seat (don’t worry this is only because of this trip). From there I went to a facial. And without my sharing anything about my Mom or my plans with the esthetician, she shared: “I felt a strong maternal presence during the session; it’s like your Mom is with you.” Little did she know that my Mom was in my car!


Next, I headed to the coffee shop and, as I stepped through the door, there was the minister at the first table who had conducted my Mom’s memorial service two years earlier. How synchronous was that! This reaffirmed (yet again for me) that those who have crossed over are still around and make their presence and love for us known in a myriad of ways (signs, songs, happenings, messages, scents, objects, feelings).


We live in an interconnected whole. The Universe, God, the Divine, however you wish to frame it, communicates to us in signs, situations and circumstances.


When things flow, as evidenced by signs and synchronicities, we can trust that we are moving in the right direction. On the other hand, when there is resistance in the form of doubt, angst, blocks, mishaps, obstacles or delays, it’s best to step back, become centered and check in with ourselves to determine if there is a better course of action or a necessary delay.


A friend of mine, who noticed all sorts of changes happening around my move including a delay (that allowed for this trip), remarked to me “it looks like the universe is asking you to be flexible.” I engaged the changes (instead of resisting and becoming upset with itinerary adjustments) and all sorts of wonderful things have occurred including the trip Up North. I can see in retrospect that all unfolds in Divine timing.


Wishing you a feeling of love and interconnectedness as you enjoy you holiday weekend!




P.S. The father (Bill on the far right) built the cottage. When finished they built a three-story cottage and the third-floor was built with the Guyman family of four in mind! Talk about being blessed.


Joan & Hugh Guyman and Betty and Bill


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