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The Journeys We Create

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The Journeys We Create – by Lisa Guyman

Several years ago I went to Europe with my friend Dami. It was an amazing 22 day backpacking trip to 7 countries with overnights in 12 cities.

We began our travels with a 3-day stop in London and we were determined to take a side trip to Stonehenge. We encountered numerous indicators that perhaps skipping it would be a good idea. First of all a windy, cold and rainy day was predicted. And we failed to arrange a cozy guided van tour (none available) — so instead we ventured to Stonehenge on a 3.5+ hour combined subway, train and bus ride.

Upon arrival at the visitor center we popped indoors as it was horrendously cold, rainy and windy. Sheets of rain were coming down, but we couldn’t skip the actual site as we had come so far. We literally ran outside to see the rock formations and quickly asked someone (that was dashing to the site) to take our picture. He pointed the camera and the wind whipped our umbrella inside out while the one and only picture was being snapped. We ran back indoors now semi drenched and even colder. In all we spent 3 minutes at the Stonehenge site and yet the excursion took all day! LOL. My friend proceeded to catch a wicked cold that she had to contend with for the rest of the trip.

To me Stonehenge was a classic example of trying to force an issue/plan. Despite a lack of call backs from one tour operator and another tour operator canceling on us and having to go to plan C we still stubbornly felt we HAD to go. This is not to say that in life we should not go for what we want – really that is great. But if we are really trying to FORCE something The Universe may be attempting to help us avert a situation or guide us in a more enjoyable direction.

We love that we had this experience because it was memorable to say the least and was a good lesson. We enjoyed a good laugh about our excursion despite the chilly, damp and long 3.5+ hour journey back.

As we know life isn’t about having everything go perfectly and being happy because of that –it’s about learning to enjoy the ride even if it’s a cold and rainy one.

A two-fold message emerged here. One it’s not a great idea to FORCE things. Often there is a reason for the resistance. And there is always another alternative that might be way better! And two when things don’t go as planned make lemonade – look for the gifts and the humor and count your blessings.

Create a Great Day!


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