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The Power of Intention & Action

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Letting Go of the How – Casting a Net

One lovely summer day, a bird showed up in the tree outside of my next-door neighbor’s house. Being a ‘birder’ Nancy recognized the bird as an African finch and put birdseed out. Every day I’d listen for the bird’s sweet song. As the weather started getting cooler, Nancy became concerned knowing that our feathered friend couldn’t survive the cold. She hung a birdcage in the tree with the intention of catching him.

One day she called me (right before the first frost) wondering what to do. My solution was “post him on Craigslist” (i.e. “bird in tree needs home”).

Hours later a woman called whose pet bird had recently died saying she wanted to come after work and take the bird home. Great! But how are we going to capture the bird in the first place?



Lo and behold, when Nancy returned that day and stepped outside the bird was sitting in the cage!

What a symphony of events! Everything came together.

To me this is an anecdote for ‘setting up circumstances’ for what we want to manifest/create.


Utilizing the Laws of Manifesting

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” Albert Einstein.

Create a movie screen in your mind and imagine your life as you like it. Allow your mind to wander. Perhaps something you hadn’t thought about appears on this screen – a new idea, an inspiration, an activity or hobby, a path of action calling you.

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One good piece of news is that we don’t need to know ‘how’ something is going to come about. The way things come together ranges from the mundane to the uncanny to seemingly miraculous synchronicity and often starts with an intention and our imagination.


First, think about and write out what you want (intention) and be mindful of where you are investing your energy/time (attention).




What do you want?

Jot down your intentions (best practice) or state them internally or out loud. Sometimes I’ll state my intentions while I’m in action i.e. walking in nature.

Think about external things you want (a new job, a new relationship, greater well-being, etc.). Think about what feeling that attainment would give you. Also, think about what inner changes you want (awakening your consciousness, etc.).

Activate your intentions regularly (a couple times a week or daily) by writing them down again and/or reviewing them. Furthermore, notice on a moment-to-moment basis what you give your attention to. Deepak Chopra says intention organizes and attention energizes. (If you practice Reiki draw the symbols over your intentions and charge them with Reiki)

If you’ve planted seeds of intention in the past and they didn’t sprout to life. Let that go. Plant new seeds.

Thinking something is unlikely to manifest (because it didn’t before) is basing your future on your past (seeds of intention). Base your future on your desired future. Don’t create your future based on what you see in the rearview mirror. Look upon where you are going and let the light guide your way.





Take action in the present

Take steps toward your goals, i.e. after you plant a seed you water it, right? If you want a new job start imagining types of environments/fields you might enjoy, apply for jobs, spread the word within your network of friends and/or do research. It doesn’t matter if these things didn’t work last time. Open your mind to new possibilities. Don’t concern yourself with how your intentions/desires are going to be fulfilled.

Take concrete, linear actions and yet know that you could manifest your desire “randomly” by doing things that resonate with you like joining an online book club or attending a Meetup or trying something ‘out of the box.’

Also, know that setting your intentions is an action and it is powerful in and of itself. Amplify the power of setting your intentions by imagining then as being already fulfilled. Involve all your senses and FEEL what it would be like to have the outcome you are intending. Find ways to experience the fulfillment of your desire in the now.


Trust in the universe, be patient and don’t beat yourself up

Do you plant a seed one day and go out the next day and look at the ground and say, “nothing is happening?” Then, conclude that it must be a bad seed and dig it up? And conclude that you are a bad gardener? Nope. You know that seeds need time, attention, sunlight, water and a little or a lot of ‘fairy dust’ to germinate.


Live in Appreciation and Be in the Now

It’s easy to negate this very moment for the future by using the now as a mere stepping-stone. Appreciate the gifts in your life. Look for the teeniest and tiniest details of things you can appreciate in the now. The birds chirping, a blade of grass, a cool breeze, laughter, the breath you are taking at this moment, the music in the background, the sound of a loved one’s voice.

Experiment with journaling about gratitude and jot down five unique things you enjoy and/or are grateful for every day.

Gratitude practice creates a mindset of abundance, love and grace and brings us in the moment. Being in the now also helps us navigate stressful circumstances/times more gently and activates a greater sense of ease and an appreciation of the little things in life.




Know that the ultimate reason we want anything is because we think having that thing will make us “arrive” and be happy (secure, more fulfilled, relaxed, at peace, in the moment, etc.). Instead of postponing happiness think about what ways you can enliven your sense of happiness/meaning in the now.

When we are in a state of abundance, we are more likely to interact with life positively, experience synchronicity, draw opportunities to ourselves and create opportunities for ourselves and others. In the meantime, we have more love to give and we enjoy life much more fully.

Know that this moment, just as it is, is a gift and your soul is calling out to you. Relish in this moment and live fully.


Click here for outline of intentions/goal setting sheet


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