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Law of Attraction and the Bigger Picture

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The Law of Attraction & the Bigger Picture

Many of you have seen or heard of the movie, The Secret which focuses on the law of attraction i.e. that we attract people, circumstances and opportunities into our lives via the predominance of our thoughts and feelings.

While I do agree that we attract and manifest many things into our lives and that whatever we put our attention on grows – I think one thing that The Secret doesn’t take into account is the larger picture.

Sometimes, the very thing we want and put all of our energy into seems to slip between our fingers. And while sometimes it’s a lack of a positive focus, a lack of diligence, a lack of action, or the subconscious that keeps what we want away, sometimes the universe has something else in mind for us in the first place.

We can do everything right and still not attract the thing we desire. For instance, we may not get ‘that job’ even though we had the right attitude, even though we visualized ourselves getting it and even though we aced the interview.

If we take the messages in The Secret without a grain of salt, we might think that we aren’t doing “it” right and then end up feeling like a failure. We all have certain ideas and goals for our lives and certain desirable timetables, but sometimes the universe has something different in store for us that is more in alignment with our deeper soul’s desire. The right job or mate or house or solution may just be around the corner or perhaps we are meant to be exactly where we are at this time.

So if there is something that seems to elude you take a step back to gain perspective or take a deeper look. One way to do this is to connect with your intuitive mind, which we’ll call your ‘wise mind.’ Close your eyes and ask your ‘wise mind’: a) Do I need to work with the law of attraction in a more powerful way (i.e. and shift my thoughts, feelings and my attention and intention and via that be able to attract what I desire into my life)? b) Is there some thing that I need to heal or clear first? c) Is there something I’m supposed to learn first? c) Is there some other direction I am supposed to go in?

Remember to focus on what you want and to put your attention on that which you wish to bring about, but also remember to take into account the larger picture.

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P.S. The Secret is worth watching, but a book that I like even better about the law of attraction is Ask and It is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

To support yourself in attracting what your soul’s desires you may want to utilize my guided meditation for manifesting:  This meditation, Life Visualization, is a manifestation meditation.

By Lisa Guyman, April 2007

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