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Magazine Reviews of Journey into Meditation

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Extending Ourselves and Thinking Bigger

Back in December I was excitedly talking about my next meditation CD project when my boyfriend said “I don’t think you’ve done enough with your first meditationCD. Before you do something new, why don’t you work on that? Have you really marketed your first meditation CD or your Reiki CDs at all?”

I didn’t really like hearing that at the time. I wanted to jump into something new and embrace what was next. I didn’t want to do the detail work and still don’t naturally lean toward that, but I’m so thankful that he stopped me in my tracks. He was right. I hadn’t fully tended to my first CDs. I hadn’t extended my vision or looked at bigger possibilities or larger marketing avenues.

After thinking about what he said I got to work. I began asking for reviews (thank you to all those that have written a review). I submitted my CDs (with a press kit) to about ten magazines and also listed my CDs on Amazon.

Thanks to his friendly prodding and my subsequent efforts my “Journey into Meditation” CD has been featured in two national magazines, my “Journey through Reiki” CD has been featured in one national magazine and listing my CDs on Amazon has created a nice surge of sales.

What I’ve learned is that it pays when we listen and that sometimes we need to step back before moving forward.

So how can you apply my story to your life?  Has someone pointed out a behavior or trait of yours (when your honest with yourself) that you could work on? Are there projects, ideas or relationships that need your energy or attention? What could you finish (or take further) before starting something new?

Wishing you the best!


Body + Soul Magazine – June 2009 -review of Journey into Meditation:
“If your meditation habit is feeling old, this CD will keep things fresh. On Journey into Meditation: Guided Meditations for healing Insight and Manifestation, meditation guide Lisa Guyman offers three extended meditations aimed at getting past everyday thoughts and into a deep well of relaxation.”

Massage & Bodywork – April 2009 – review of Journey into Meditation:
“This CD from Lisa Guyman offers three guided meditations designed to balance the chakras, promote insight and manifest personal transformation. These meditations let listeners quickly address their particular needs at any time. Each meditation runs about 20 minutes and features a gentle musical backdrop by Rob Wallace.”

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