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Tis the Season to Be…

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December 2005 – Tis the Season to Be . . .

by Lisa Guyman

Ways to De-Stress the Holidays

The holidays can bring a mix of joy and sadness. It’s a time when we can appreciate those we love and how lucky we are. And yet it is also a time when we can feel overwhelmed and down. We may wish our lives were different, wishing that we had the ‘happy family,’ that we had a significant other to share it with, that we weren’t limited financially, etc. It’s a tricky time. So it’s best to find ways to enjoy the holidays while minimizing the stress. Here are a few ideas:

  • Focus on what you do like about the holidays (the lights, seeing old friends, travel, staying in town, time off, seeing
    family, your favorite songs, cookies).
  • Instead of focusing your attention on what isn’t working in your life, focus on what is working.
  • Be easy on yourself. Don’t expect to be perfectly happy and overjoyed. Don’t worry about finding the perfect gift/gifts or getting any or all of
    your cards out.
  • If certain situations bring you down, then do your best to avoid them. You can say ‘yes’ ‘maybe’ or ‘no’ to invitations. You can also change your mind
  • Limit your spending especially if finances are tight. It really isn’t about what you spend anyway.
  • Reserve some energy and time for you. Luxuriate in whatever way suits you (doing nothing, watching movies, listening to music, getting a massage, hanging with friends, talking on the phone, or not talking, etc.)
  • Realize, that you are not alone. Many people feel just like you do and welcome life getting back to normal.

When we release our heightened expectations around the holidays we can lighten up and then we can truly enjoy this season and the gifts in our lives. We may even find ourselves singing a tune or two.

Quote of the Month:

“Do whatever you must with people, but never shut anyone out of your heart, even for a moment.”  –  Bo Lozoff

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